Building your dream pool requires the help of a professional, specifically a Vancouver custom pool builder.

Helping you envision, plan and build your luxury dream pool is what Trasolini Pools does best. Some things are better left to the professionals and hiring a Vancouver custom pool builder will provide a seamless process in bringing your families dream pool to life. 

The 5 primary reasons to hire a Vancouver custom pool builder 


1. Experience in construction 

When you hire a Vancouver custom pool builder that has extensive experience, you are guaranteed that the pool’s construction will be properly planned and will run smoothly. Professional companies also have the experience necessary to deal with all of the permits and build your pool to code. Trasolini Pools has been in operation since 1983.

2. Unique and custom design 

A custom pool builder provides a level of passion for building luxury pools, which means attention to detail and a higher standard of creativity and construction. The pool will be designed to fit the aesthetic and geological considerations of your space. A custom pool builder may also provide input on your patio or deck to create a look that flows seamlessly from the indoors to out. 

3. Sticking to schedules  

From design to construction, the Trasolini Pools team has the manpower to handle it all. This ensures that your swimming pool design and build will be consistent. Thanks to these well-established processes, an experienced custom pool builder can provide a realistic construction timeline. That said, unforeseen circumstances can occur. We ensure we maintain professional and clear communication with our clients to maintain a happy outcome every time. 

4. Quality of materials 

The materials that go into the construction of your pool are very important in maintaining its longevity, as well as affecting the aesthetic and design of the pool. Our pools are built to the highest standard and use the best materials that are proven to last longer. This means your pool will be built to the highest safety standards, works perfectly, and looks beautiful all at the same time. We have built trusted relationships with suppliers who can provide materials to any standard, from cozy backyard pools to luxurious indoor spas, and expansive outdoor pools that are the centre of every lavish party. 

5. Working within your budget

With nearly four decades of experience building pools in the Vancouver area, Trasolini Pools designs and builds pools to suit nearly any budget. Here, we can point out potential problems before they arise, avoiding unexpected costs. We ensure that the pool’s construction remains on-budget whenever possible, and is built right the first time around so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come

We’ve made it our life’s work to construct uniquely designed pools that use the highest standard of materials so that we may exceed your vision in designing and building your dream pool. Our extensive experience amassed over 37 years ensures our clients a seamless experience that runs smoothly from the planning stage to the day your pool is ready to swim in and that we build something that you are proud of for years to come. Call us today to begin your project, at 604-255-8551. 

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