When it comes to your home, great design and consistency go a long way. That’s why hiring a pool designer that doubles as a pool builder is a must.

A pool designer in British Columbia is responsible for planning the overall look and use of your residential pool, whereas your pool builder executes the plan.

Sometimes, steps get missed or communication breaks down in the process between the design and build of your pool, but having a designer/builder is the best way to ensure your pool is built right, to the highest standards, every time.


Consistency between your pool design and build

Where there isn’t smooth communication between the design and build steps of creating your pool, small mistakes can happen. In most cases, these mistakes don’t affect the overall look, operation or your enjoyment of the pool. However, they can result in a pool that doesn’t work as optimally as was intended by your pool designer.

We believe the design process and pool construction are equally important. That is why we are a pool design company and a pool installation company (we also offer pool repairs). By working with a pool designer-builder like Trasolini Pools, we will ensure every element of your pool design is executed perfectly, so the finished project is beyond your expectations, every time.


Understanding the project, from start to finish

One of the primary benefits of using a single company for your BC pool design and construction is the understanding factor that is gained by working with you, the homeowner, for the entirety of the project.

Before the design process begins, our pool design experts take the time to understand your lifestyle and the kind of pool experience you’d like for your home. We can help you decide on materials from the start, and get a good understanding of your yard for an outdoor pool, or your home if we are building an indoor pool.

This relationship we build with our clients helps us create a better finished product from end to end.


Use a pool company with a sterling reputation

Homeowners in British Columbia have choice when it comes to their pool company. With Trasolini Pools, you benefit from the finest quality pools in the province, no matter the size and budget of your pool project.

Our company has over 30 years of experience building and designing pools across BC, from extravagant, luxury pool and spa combinations, to smaller backyard pools for young families, and even pools for condominiums and hotels.

Regardless of the project, we keep your satisfaction in mind and aim to exceed your vision for your pool.

Call us today to begin your project, at  604-255-8551, or email us.