The fall season is approaching, but you do not need to cover up your pool. In Vancouver, there are still many ways to enjoy your pool during the fall months.


Why Fall is a Great Time to Enjoy Your Pool


An excuse to create a spa-like atmosphere  


Imagine your go-to spa. What if it was right outside on your property? 


Think about including water features such as trickling water in your personal custom-built pool. For example, adding a waterfall to your pool is a terrific way to enhance the spa experience in your backyard. An in-ground hot tub is also a great option, allowing you to gain all of the therapeutic benefits of hot water and steam, just like at the spa. 


Expert Tip: Keep fresh, white towels beside your pool just like at the spa!


Lighting is a top priority in spas when it comes to ambiance. Accent lights are a fantastic way to create the perfect amount of light so you can fully appreciate the amazing beauty of your own backyard. Fireplaces and other outdoor living alternatives are another way to set the mood as well as candles that surround the pool. Just make sure the candles are safely placed away from the water and within reach of any children. 


You can enjoy the pool with a fire 


Consider installing a fire pit or table if you want your pool to have a cozier atmosphere in the fall. Imagine curling up and getting warm after swimming. A fire pit or table is the ideal addition to a gathering any time of year, which makes a fire pit or table a great long-term investment. 


A fire pit outside can also give you and your family a place to be warm and eat s’mores! Simply rearrange your outdoor furniture, bring some blankets, and make some hot cocoa, and spend the night beneath the stars.


Using a warm pool in the cold 


To keep your pool warm in the cooler months, gas heaters are an excellent option. Even when people are swimming, gas heaters can swiftly heat your pool to the ideal temperature. It is important to recognize, however, that the expense of purchasing and operating these heaters might be substantial. If this is the option you want to go for, make sure you look into gas heaters that are as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible.


Another option would be to have a pool heat pump installed. Pool heat pumps pull warm air from the atmosphere to heat the pool using a minimal amount of electricity. This method will heat the pool considerably more quickly than gas heaters. Additionally, a pool heat pump relies entirely on temperature, and not the sun. Solar rays do not impact the effectiveness of a pool heat pump.


The perfect way to watch a movie outdoors 


Instead of watching a movie indoors, set up a screen and watch outside in the pool. All you need to do is set up a screen and projector in your backyard. Invite your friends (or have a quiet night in) and watch your favourite movies while floating in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub. Fall is a great time to do this because the sun starts setting earlier, giving you lots of viewing time! 

Fall parties 


It is not unusual for many of us to spend more time indoors than outdoors as the temperatures drop. However, if you have a custom-built swimming pool in your backyard, you have the opportunity to be outside on a sunny autumn day to swim. 


Invite your friends over, make some nice fall drinks such as apple cider or hot chocolate, add some fall decorations and go for a swim. If you are going to partake in alcoholic drinks, remember to enjoy those after your time in the pool or hot tub, and always away from the water.


Enjoying the outdoors


Fall is a great way to enjoy the outdoors when you have a pool! The autumn season is quite beautiful, and you can experience the magic in your warm pool. The brisk air and the warm water is a unique experience only those with a pool or hot tub can enjoy. 


Even if you are enjoying your pool in the fall, you still need to stay on top of your usual maintenance. Here is fall maintenance that has to be taken care of.