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Poor pool maintenance can make your pool look dated and render it unusable, like this pool located in Vancouver.

If you don’t maintain your car properly, it can break down, costing you thousands in repairs and obliterating its resale value. Plus, it won’t be fun to drive.

pool maintenance vancouver, pool company vancouver, trasolini pools

These photos show a condominium building pool in Vancouver that Trasolini Pools was contacted to repair. Poor or improper maintenance caused wear and discolouration to the pool finish. There was rust and other damage to the pool equipment when we arrived. The strainer and main drain, pictured, were badly rusted.

Similarly, if you don’t properly maintain your pool, you could have expensive damage on your hands. A damaged pool won’t do any favours to your home’s resale value, and you and your family won’t be able to enjoy it – which was the whole point of getting a pool from the start!

Maintaining your pool is quite simple and only takes a few minutes a week. Left neglected, here’s what could be in store for your backyard gem.


Rust and corrosion

Once a month, any metal parts on your pool should be treated in order to avoid rust and corrosion. The chemical solution for this purpose is available at a store that supplies pool chemicals.

For information on cleaning your pool’s metal accessories, refer to our Owner’s Manual.

New rust and small stains can usually be cleaned off of metal parts. However, longer-term or more serious corrosion represents damage that can only be undone by replacing the part, which is usually expensive.


Chipping, etching and staining

pool maintenance vancouver - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools

The Trasolini Pools repair team patched the damage in the pool over several days. We replaced the fixtures, then began refinishing the pool with a high quality material that is resistant to damage.

These three types of damage are most likely to occur to the surfaces of your pool when your water’s chemistry is unbalanced. Improper chemistry in your pool affects the pool’s finish, which can deteriorate when the conditions are not to par.

Etching will occur when the pool’s chemistry is off and an object causes a minor scrape or scratch against the pool’s bottom or inside edge. Normally, your pool’s finish will resist such contact; however, with unbalanced chemistry, the finish can be compromised and will be damaged.

Refinishing a pool is very expensive. Avoid costly repairs by checking your water’s chemistry weekly, in accordance with the instructions on your test kit and in our Owner’s Manual.



pool maintenance vancouver - pool company vancouver - trasolini poolsAlgae forms when dirt is allowed to stay in your pool for an extended period, and when the chemistry is not correct. These conditions allow organisms to grow under the water, on your pool’s surfaces.

Algae can cause serious damage to your pool’s finish, and may worsen your pool’s chemistry, making swimming unsafe.

Luckily, it is easy to avoid algae from growing in your pool.

Vacuuming weekly and ensuring your pool’s chemistry matches the specifications in your test kit are simple steps that will keep organisms from growing where you should be swimming.

pool maintenance vancouver - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools

When our team completed the pool repairs, the finished look was wonderful. The water had a renewed, sparkling look and a beautiful blue colour for people to enjoy.

Equipment replacement

Another expensive endeavour for your pool is replacing the pool equipment and accessories, used to clean the pool. These include:

  • pool vacuum

    pool maintenance vancouver - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools

    High quality pool repair techniques and our recommended pool finish materials transformed this pool into a like-new place for people to enjoy.

  • pool brush
  • pool net
  • pump
  • filter
  • pool cover

The simplest way to protect these items from damage is to store them in a dry area, away from the sun and the elements. Hoses should be rolled and stored off the floor, nets and other telescopic poles should be wall-mounted with hooks. 

Your pump and filter should only be used according to the instructions that were provided when these machines were installed.

Your pool cover, meanwhile, should always be kept clean and stored properly when not in use.pool maintenance vancouver - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools