Trasolini Pools specializes in building beautiful pools for your home, as well as water features for your yard, anywhere in BC. But what about mixing the two?

Adding a water feature to your pool can create a truly unique piece of art for your home, that will wow your guests and provide a beautiful area for your family to enjoy.

This article covers four type of water features you can build into your new pool, or add to an existing pool.

1.  Rock waterfallsrock waterfall for pool - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools - water features

If a nature-inspired look appeals to you for your yard, consider a rock waterfall water feature for your pool. A rock waterfall is a great way to give your pool some natural character, by using real or faux rocks as a base, and creating a water feature that allows water to tumble along the uneven surface, and into your swimming pool.

Depending on your pool and yard, you can have different types of rock waterfalls, such as high waterfalls or small rocks, which produce a nice, delicate sound. The rock waterfall makes the pool feel alive.

2. Sheer descent waterfallssheer descent pool waterfall - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools - water features

Sheer descent waterfalls, much like the rock waterfalls, add a kinetic element to your pool that helps your pool look lively. As opposed to a rock waterfall, where the water tumbles along the surface of the rocks, a sheer descent waterfall spouts from an opening in a wall or other feature, and creates a sheer curtain that falls freely through the air, and into your pool.

There are a multitude of options available for the look of your sheer descent waterfall, including having a garden on top so that the waterfalls are accented by beautiful flowers. The sound of water flowing is also a calming and relaxing sound as well. Add LED lights to your water feature to illuminate the waterfalls day and night.

Sheer descent waterfalls are built into wall-like structures. Here is a guide to the different types of sheer descent waterfalls and decide which one is the best for you


3. Deck jetsdeck jets - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools - water features 

Deck jets are an inexpensive way to add personality to your pool. These are fountain-like spouts of water installed into the pool deck. Usually, the water spouts upwards and arcs back down, to land on the pool’s surface.

If you want your pool to stand out even more, consider coloured LEDs lights like in the photo above. You can even have all of the jets shoot water into the same point, giving the pool a sophisticated and elegant feeling. If you want your pool to look more regal, however, you can have deck jets on either side that shoot across to create a beautiful flow of water that looks graceful and classic. There are so many possibilities with deck jets, let your imagination run wild.

4. Water curtains

pool water curtain - pool company vancouver - trasolini pools - water featuresWater curtains are dramatic addition to any pool or spa. To create a water curtain, a vertical element is added to the pool, with spouts on the upper transom. The water then falls vertically back down to the pool’s surface.

In conjunction with other water features such as deck jets, you can transform your pool into a beautiful arrangements of jets and waterfalls. When you are not using the pool, it will appear as a tasteful fountain, that can be turned on and off at your convenience. Water curtains can also be used inside your home, with or without an indoor pool.

With over 30 years’ experience building and designing the finest water features in Vancouver and across BC, Trasolini Pools can help you create a unique water features for your property. Please ask us for a quote today.