As a Vancouver swimming pool contractor, we encourage our clients to keep up on their pool maintenance and renovations. Every 10-15 years, your swimming pool needs to be resurfaced. When you do that resurfacing, that is the perfect time to do any remodelling you have been thinking about. Here are a few remodelling ideas to help inspire you.

Remodelling ideas from your Vancouver swimming pool contractor


1. Update your pool’s plumbing system

Depending on when your pool was installed, there may be newer plumbing systems available. The perfect time to upgrade to the latest plumbing system is while you are having your resurfacing done. This is especially worth considering if you are having any plumbing issues.

2. Add a new lighting system

There are incredible light options for pools today. You can add underwater lights, lights that change colour, floating lights, and more. Talk to your Vancouver swimming pool contractor about what atmosphere you want to create and how lights can help you achieve it.

3. Add a water feature

A water feature can be an easy way to add a new look to your pool. If you have little ones, consider adding bubble jets or a waterfall. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, you could add an elegant fountain.

4. Update your pool’s coping and deck

Pool coping does need to be replaced eventually. When you are resurfacing, have your Vancouver swimming pool contractor check your coping and deck to see if renovations are needed. You may also want to look at the wide variety of coping and deck materials on the market now to see if there is a new you would like to upgrade to.

5. Add a hot tub

Love relaxing outside? Consider adding a hot tub to your backyard. This way, you can enjoy your pool in the daytime and take a dip in your hot tub on those cool Vancouver evenings.

6. Add features

When resurfacing your pool, ask yourself if there are any features you would like to include. If your family has since expanded to include children, you may want to add a slide. Are your kids getting older? Think about a diving board. Ask your whole family what features they would most like added so that everyone gets more enjoyment out of your pool.

7. Make your pool more energy efficient

There are a number of energy efficient options for pools today. Consider adding one or more of these elements. This way, you can enjoy swimming while still protecting the environment.

8. Incorporate the latest pool technology

Today, you have all kinds of pool technology to help make your life easier. For example, there is the IntelliTouch system. This system allows you to control everything from heating to cleaning your pool or hot tub from a single control panel. Once you have one, you will wonder how you ever managed before it!

9. Update or add decorative tiles

If your tiles are looking pretty dated or you want to add some decorative tiles, this is the ideal time to do it. Again, speak with your Vancouver swimming pool contractor about the style and atmosphere you want. They will then be able to suggest tile choices that fit.  

10. Change the shape

Pools can have all kinds of interesting shapes. Pool shapes can range from the classic kidney shape all the way to the over-the-top guitar shape! Changing the shape of your pool can give you more space for features too, which your whole family will certainly appreciate.

11. Convert from a chlorine to saltwater pool

There are a number of advantages to having a saltwater pool. The water can be easier on your skin and eyes – and it is better for the environment. If you have been wanting to switch your pool over to a saltwater system, combine it with your pool’s resurfacing. 

12. Change the depth of your pool

This is a good call if you have a change in the age of any children using your pool. For instance, if you now have little ones in the family, you may want more shallow end space for them to play in. If you only have adults looking to workout in the pool, you may want a deeper pool. Think about your wants and needs and plan your new depth accordingly.

13. Check your safety features

While having your pool resurface, take the opportunity to have your Vancouver swimming pool contractor review the safety elements of your pool and ensure they are in proper working order. If you have any safety elements that are not working well, replace them.

When undertaking any kind of pool renovation, make you are working with a professional Vancouver swimming pool contractor like Trasolini Pools. How do you ensure this? Start by asking these seven questions.