With the Coronavirus upending everyone’s vacation plans for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to plan your very own poolside staycation. 

Think of it as the perfect vacation: No need to book anything, no long travel times, no annoying outsiders to compete for pool chairs with, and at the end of the day you know that you have a comfy bed awaiting you. All you need to get started is your very own backyard pool!


What you need to do before embarking on your staycation

There are a few housekeeping items that you need to take care of before you can start relaxing, the first being, get your pool open for the season (if you haven’t already).

Once your pool is open, make sure you give it a good clean and, while you are at it, don’t forget to clean your deck and the rest of your backyard too. Having everything nice and clean will make your staycation extra enjoyable. 

One other thing to do ahead of time is to order a special treat for your family, be that customized pool robes, a slide for your pool, new loungers, or pool toys. Choose something as a family or make it a surprise, it is up to you! 


Everything you need to have the most unforgettable staycation


1. Turn off your phones & set your email autoresponder

Say goodbye to the 9 to 5 and hello to relaxation. Treat this as you would a real vacation and do not let work disrupt this special time with your family.

2. Have an itinerary

We know this kind of sounds like work, but trust us, it is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your staycation. However, this schedule doesn’t need to be set in stone. Instead, it should serve as a guideline for all of the activities you want to accomplish. Think pool games, meal breaks, spa time, etc.

3. Choose a theme

Did you have to cancel an upcoming family vacation? Let that destination serve as the inspiration for your staycation.

  • Trip to Disneyland? Why not plan a day full of Disney poolside fun, complete with Disney pool floats and snacks 
  • Trip to Hawaii? How about a backyard luau with a lei-making station and Hawaiian decor
  • Camping trip? Bring the campsite home by setting up your tents poolside and building a fire pit for making s’ mores

4. Plan out your meals to easily enjoy them poolside 

Step up your barbeque game and try out a new recipe or put together an amazing poolside picnic, the only limit here is your culinary imagination! 

5. Mix up some mocktails 

Because nothing says vacation like some delicious beverages that the whole family can enjoy! Bonus points if they come complete with little drink umbrellas.

If you want to add some alcohol for the adults, just ensure that everyone has finished using the pool for the day as swimming and drinking should not mix. 

6. Play some pool games

Will you choose to play an old favourite like water polo or poolside basketball? Or maybe something more unique like creating your very own pool Olympic games? Either way, don’t forget to have fun!

7. Relax!

This is the most important part of any good staycation. Set aside some time to kick back on a pool lounger and just soak up the sun with a good book. More than anything, a vacation is a state of mind.

Don’t have a pool yet? Give our team of professional Vancouver pool builders a call at 604-255-8551 and start planning your dream staycation!