Investing in an outdoor swimming pool will create memories for you and your family. This year, soak up the sun poolside and enjoy family bonding time in an atmosphere that isn’t dictated by phones. Here are three ways an outdoor swimming pool will get your family to drop the phone and dive in.

Your outdoor swimming pool parties will create lasting memories

It’s been years since outdoor games entertained kids past a young age. It’s common for kids and teenagers to be distracted by tablets and smartphones. This year, enjoy an ideal summer with your family by the pool, instead. An outdoor swimming pool is a great way to keep your family active and social.

With a great swimming pool comes great responsibility

Imagine: your outdoor swimming pool is officially ready for the summer. Not only is your backyard ambience complete but your kids are reading to dive in. By teaching your little ones to swim at home, they’ll have fun but also become stronger swimmers, which will reduce the risk of emergencies. You’ll want to keep an eye on children playing around a pool at all times and with a backyard outdoor pool, you’ll be able to ensure safety.

Sunscreen vs screen time: swimming improves your child’s overall health

Mental health is a growing concern – a copious amount of health benefits tie in with an outdoor swimming pool; not just physical. By encouraging your child to swim, their mental and emotional health will increase. The natural buoyancy of the water makes pool time more relaxing than other types of exercise. Hosting a swimming pool party where kids can be social and playing takes away possible stress of a competitive environment found in sports or online. Vitamin D doesn’t hurt either make sure to lather on the sunscreen!

Ready to refresh your backstroke skills? Change your family dynamic with an outdoor swimming pool and get a quote from our professional pool company in Vancouver today.