Your Trasolini pool is one of the finest swimming pools in the industry and is designed to give you countless years of pleasure. It is constructed of only the best materials available and is built to the highest specifications of any pool around.

Still, problems can arise.

We’ve put together a guide that will help you figure out some symptoms and solutions to common problems with your Vancouver inground pool.

If your Vancouver inground pool’s motor stops running:

  • Check the switch and circuit breakers

If your pool’s heater is not working:

  • Check the pilot light.
  • Check the filter pressure gauge (backwash if needed).
  • Check the thermostat wiring.

If your underwater light goes out:

  • Check the switch and circuit breaker.
  • Change the bulb.

If your pool skimmer stops working:

  • Check the water level of pool.
  • The water should be halfway up the skimmer opening.

If your pump runs, but will not move water:

  • The pump may have lost it’s “prime.”
  • With the pump motor off, prime the pump by removing lid from pump strainer.
  • Fill the strainer with water from garden hose until pot is full. (Note: If gate valve has been installed on pump suction line, close before filling pot.)
  • When the pot is full, replace strainer pot lid and tighten securely.
  • Place the valve in backwash position (open gate on suction line, if system is so equipped) and turn the pump on.
  • When the water begins to run freely, turn the pump off, place the valve in filter position and turn the pump back on.

If your pool’s water is clean, but lacks “sparkle”:

  • Test the water and consult chemical instructions.

If your inground pool’s water looks green:

  • You have an extreme algae condition.
  • Put in a heavy “dose” of chlorine.
  • When blue colour begins to return, test the water and get your pH and chlorine back in balance.
  • Take a sample of your water to your pool chemical supply company for water analysis.


For more information about your Trasolini pool please consult the owner’s manual.

If you have any additional questions, call us at 604.255.8551 or contact us here. We aspire to make your Vancouver inground pool the most enjoyable investment you have ever made, or will ever make.