Are you going out of town this winter? It is important that you still take care of your Vancouver hot tub. We have created a quick and easy guide to help make sure you do all the work necessary to keep your hot tub in good working order while you are away.


What to do to your Vancouver hot tub before you leave town 


1. Check the conditions 

Before you prepare your hot tub, it is important to know what the weather conditions will be like while you are gone. If the temperature is going to be hovering around freezing or below freezing, it is vital to make sure your Vancouver hot tub will be properly heated and that the pump is on to keep the water circulating.  

2. Test and balance the water 

You want to make sure that your water is where it is supposed to be chemical-wise. If anything is off, make sure you rebalance. Why does this matter if no one is using the spa? When your chemicals are off, it can cause issues with your hot tub, pipes, and filtration system. Given this, you want to make sure your chemicals are properly balanced while you are away, just as you would when you are home. 

3. Shock your hot tub

Since no one will be using your Vancouver hot tub for the next little while, this is the perfect time to shock the water. You do this by adding extra chlorine to the water. By the time you get back, your water will be perfectly clean and ready for use. 

4. Clean or replace your filters 

You do not want a filter issue to arise while you are away. The best way to avoid this is to clean and replace your filters before you go. This will save you from worrying on your vacation. 

5. Secure your spa

Even if your whole family is on vacation with you, a pet, child, or someone else could come across your hot tub. If it is not secured, it can be a safety hazard. That is why to keep things safe, you need to secure the water. The simplest way to do that is to cover and lock your hot tub. 

6. Arrange someone to check-in, if needed 

If you are only going to be away for a short time, you can leave your hot tub alone. Just make sure you check it as soon as you return.

Going away for a longer period? Ask someone to come by and check on your Vancouver hot tub to make sure it is still secure and that nothing is wrong. You can always offer to let them use the tub while they are there as a thank you. Just make sure you give them a heads up if you have decided to shock your water before leaving. 


What to do to your Vancouver hot tub when you get home


1. Check the water level

The last thing you want is your pump running dry and burning out. Avoid this by checking your water levels. If the water is low, make sure to add enough to top it up. 

2. Check your filters

Even though you replaced your filters before you left, it is important to check them when you return. That way you will notice any issues before they become emergencies. If there are problems, resolve them or speak to your Vancouver pool company. 

3. Test and balance the water if needed

Check that your water is still balanced. If it is not, balance it. If you did not shock your water before you left, now is a good time to do it. Just do not use your Vancouver hot tub until the chlorine levels drop back down to normal. 

4. Uncover your tub for a bit

Your water has not had a chance to breathe while you were away. Because of that, it is a good idea to open up your water for a bit. Just make sure that you monitor the water while it is open to ensure safety is maintained. 

Do you have a pool in addition to your Vancouver hot tub? Remember to prepare your pool for your trip too!