2023 is right around the corner and with it comes new trends in pool design and technology. Here are some of the top pool trends for 2023:


Smart pools

With the increasing popularity of smart homes, it is no surprise that smart pools are also on the rise. These pools use advanced technology to automate various aspects of pool maintenance and management, such as water chemistry, filtration and heating. Some smart pools even come equipped with underwater speakers and lights that can be controlled through a smartphone application.


Natural pools

For those looking to incorporate a more natural and eco-friendly approach to pool design, natural pools are a great option. These pools use plants and other natural filtration systems to clean and purify the water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. Natural pools also tend to have a more rustic, organic feel, making these pools a great choice if you are looking to blend your pool with the surrounding landscape.

Infinity pools

Infinity pools, also known as disappearing edge pools, are designed to give the illusion that the water extends out into the horizon. These pools are especially popular in areas with stunning views, as they allow swimmers to fully take in the surroundings while you swim. Infinity pools are also a great choice if you are looking to add a luxurious touch to a backyard.


Plunge pools

If you don not have the space or budget for a full-size pool, a plunge pool may be a good option. These smaller, deeper pools are perfect for cooling off on a hot day or for taking a quick dip to refresh. Plunge pools can be a great alternative to traditional pools, especially if you are living in urban areas or with limited outdoor space.

Wellness pools

Health and wellness are increasingly becoming a top priority for many people, and this trend is also reflected in the pool industry. Wellness pools, also known as hydrotherapy pools, are designed specifically for therapeutic purposes and feature jets, massage chairs and other features that can help alleviate muscle pain and improve circulation. These pools are a great option if you are looking to use your pool for more than just recreation.


Outdoor living spaces

Pools are no longer just a place to swim, but are also being designed as an extension of outdoor living spaces. This trend includes incorporating features such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits and seating areas into the pool design. These spaces allow families and friends to fully enjoy the pool and outdoor area, creating a true oasis in your own backyard.


Sustainable pools 

As concerns about water conservation and the environment continue to grow, more and more people are looking for ways to make their pools more sustainable. Options such as using recycled materials, installing low-flow pumps and filters and incorporating native plants into the surrounding landscape are all ways to make your pool more eco-friendly.


Glass pool fencing 

While traditional metal or wood fencing is still popular, glass pool fencing is quickly gaining in popularity due to its sleek and modern appearance. Glass fencing not only adds a touch of sophistication to your pool area, but it also allows for uninterrupted views of the pool and surroundings.


Overall, the pool trends for 2023 are focused on technology, sustainability and creating a cohesive outdoor living space. Whether you are looking for a smart pool with all the bells and whistles or a natural, eco-friendly option, there is a pool trend out there for everyone. If you are ready to build your dream pool, contact our team at Trasolini Pools today at 604-255-8