We have lucked out with a milder winter in Vancouver this year. Given this, many of our clients have chosen to keep their pools open to capitalize on the warmer temperatures. If you have not closed your pool down for the winter though, there are some maintenance tasks that you will need to take care of.

Swimming pool maintenance you need to continue during the winter months

1. Checking the heat

While it may feel warmer out, the temperatures are still lower than during the summer months. This means that you are going to have increased heat loss. Therefore, it is important to ensure your heater is in good order and working efficiently. Even if your heater is working properly, expect your bills to rise over the colder months.

2. Balancing your chemicals

You need to be checking the chemicals in your pool as per usual. The last thing you want is for the chemicals to be too low or too high, leading to health issues or irritations. Improperly balanced chemicals can also cause damage to your pool, which can force you to make costly repairs.  

3. Checking and using your pool cover

A pool cover is always a good idea, but it is especially helpful in the winter months. What does it actually do though? It will help with:

  • Heat retention
  • Water retention
  • Cleanliness

Most importantly, it is a key component of pool safety.

As part of your swimming pool maintenance, make sure your cover does not have any damage or cracks. If you do find issues, order a new cover right away.

4. Watching the pipes

The weather may be mild now but that does not mean it will stay that way. When a cold snap does hit, it is easy for your pipes to freeze. Therefore, as part of your swimming pool maintenance, you should be checking your pipes for any freezing or leaking. See a problem? Make sure to call your swimming pool maintenance company as soon as possible.

5. Cleaning the pool

As always, you want to keep your pool clean. Not only will this allow you to swim now if you want to, but it will also save you from needing to have a major clean-up when spring rolls around.

6. Enjoying!

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, it is easy for work to take over your fun. So make sure you carve out some time to enjoy your pool! Take the time to get in the water when you can. After all, you never know when the cooler weather will hit!

Are you going away for a vacation this winter? Remember to take care of these key swimming pool maintenance steps before heading off!