Want to take a vacation whenever you feel like it? Well, with the help of a Vancouver swimming pool contractor, you can do just that! All you need to do is install your very own backyard pool…

How a Vancouver swimming pool contractor can help you have vacation time – anytime


When you design your own pool and pool deck, you will always have the perfect place to relax and unwind. You can create the exact staycation atmosphere that you want – be that anything from a party vibe to a romantic getaway. The best part is, you control everything! There are no nasty surprises when you get to a resort or hotel and it does not turn out to be what you expected!

What about the expense? It is true that a pool is a significant upfront cost. However, it pays for itself when you consider all of the weekends away over the years that you will no longer need to take now that your home is its own vacation spot!

With the help of a Vancouver swimming pool contractor, your staycation can be better than any vacation…


Having a pool in your backyard can replicate the feel of a vacation. Ultimately, though, your staycation can be even better than a vacation! How is that the case?

1. No planning required

Vacations – especially family vacations – can take a lot of planning. That can leave you needing a vacation from your vacation! With a pool, you do not have to plan anything. Just grab your towel and head outside to enjoy your day in the water!  

2. No need to pack

We all know what a challenge packing can be and you always forget something. When you are on a staycation, you can wear whatever you feel like, you can grab anything you need, and you will never forget your toothbrush. Just think, you can spend all that time saved by your pool instead!

3. No crowds

Every year, resorts and other vacation spots get more and more packed. It is almost impossible to go to a beach without having to fight for space. Even then, you may not get the chair or view that you want. Plus the noise can make it hard to really relax. When you have a Vancouver swimming pool contractor put in a pool for you, you decide who has access to it. If you want it loud, you can throw a party. Want peace and quiet instead? Simply sit by your pool and read a book all day with no disruptions. 

The trick to a perfect staycation is to create an atmosphere that you will enjoy. You can easily do that by working with a Vancouver swimming pool contractor to create the perfect pool and deck for you!