Summer is the perfect time to sell your Vancouver home if you have a pool as it can help drive interest and offers up. In order for this to happen, however, you will need to stage your swimming pool. How do you do that? We have put together this guide on pool staging to help…

Six steps to stage your pool 


1. Polish your poolside landscaping

The first part of staging your pool is the landscaping. Think about the grass and plants surrounding your pool. Are they looking healthy and full? Is your poolside an area you would want to spend time in? If your landscaping is looking rough, make sure to tidy up the area and put in some beautiful grass or plants.  

2. Clean up your pool area

You want to ensure your pool looks its best as well. Check that everything is in its place. Put away any toys and pool accessories. Get rid of any dirt or grime on your pool deck by giving it a good scrub. Make the whole area look fresh and inviting. 

3. Fix up your swimming pool

You also want to give your swimming some extra love. Get it sparkling with a deep clean. Create a list of repairs that need to be done. Once you have the list ready to go, tackle the cleaning and repairs that you can do on your own. If the necessary repairs are more extensive, get a professional team to make those repairs, like Trasolini Pools.

4. Check your equipment 

Remember to check your pool equipment too. Clean your equipment area and the equipment itself. Make any necessary repairs. If there is extensive or irreparable damage, order replacements. 

While all of your equipment is important, the most important is your safety equipment. Check that it is all in working order. Ensure your pool fence is in good shape and up to code. Inspect your pool cover to ensure that it is clean and does not have any tears. Pool safety is important for buyers, so do not overlook it.

5. Stage your outdoor furniture

Having inviting patio furniture can help potential buyers visualize how to use the outdoor space. Want your best shot at increasing interest? Keep your pool furniture neutral, just like you would in the rest of your home. 

6. Add some shade

Adding shade will make your pool area more comfortable for potential buyers. This way, they will not have to stand in the hot sun during open houses. This will encourage potential buyers to spend more time by your pool imagining themselves enjoying it every day. 

Once you have followed these steps to stage your swimming pool, you will be all set to list your home with confidence!

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