Although your inground hot tub provides endless relaxation, has it been placed in a setting where you can feel truly relaxed? A few well-placed design features can go a long way towards making your backyard look like a bona fide outdoor retreat. Here are a few ways to enhance the area around your hot tub that can take your backyard from blah to beautiful.


6 ideas to upgrade the area around your inground hot tub


1. Clean & maintain the area properly

Even if you have the most luxurious hot tub, if it is not adequately maintained and the area around it is not cleaned regularly, it will not look good. Use a pressure washer to remove dirt from the surrounding area. Add a new coat of paint, stain or varnish to any wooden decks or stairs. Regularly wipe down all surfaces in the area, including the hot tub and cover. Keep any nearby plants properly pruned and watered. With only a little bit of effort on a consistent basis, you can keep your hot tub looking its best. 


2. Plants & landscaping

Plants can be a great and relatively easy way to spruce up the area around your hot tub. Ensure that you include a good mix of plant life in the surrounding area – a variety of sizes is key. Depending on the types of plants you choose, you can create so many different looks from a tropical jungle to a quaint English garden.

Consider consulting with a professional landscaper if you really want to upgrade your backyard. 


3. Backyard updates 

If you are ready to tackle a larger project, consider one of these backyard renovations:

These upgrades to your outdoor spa area can increase the overall value and appeal of your home. 


4. Build an outdoor room around it 

To make your inground hot tub feel more incorporated into your backyard’s overall design, use it as an anchor for an outdoor room. Either build or purchase seating for the area surrounding your hot tub to create an outdoor living room – bonus points for include a fireplace or fire pit. With this new outdoor space, you can continue to relax and socialize as soon as your hop out of the tub.


5. Create a unique way to hide it 

Want to completely hide your hot tub when it is not in use? Consider installing a sliding platform that can be positioned over your tub, blending it seamlessly into the surrounding deck. This is easiest to do when your hot tub is being built so think about this in advance. 


6. Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect to consider for your hot tub area, especially if you plan on using your tub in the winter months when the sun sets early. Think about what mood you want to set with your lighting:

  • Will you and your partner be the main ones to use your hot tub? Consider hanging some romantic twinkle lights. 
  • Do you plan on entertaining family and friends often? Make sure you have enough lighting so that everyone can navigate getting in and out the tub safely. 


Looking to install an inground hot tub in your backyard? The first thing you need to consider before planning what goes around it, is where it will be installed. We have put together a handy guide to help you find the ideal spot.