Some people think a small inground pool is not as exciting or beautiful, therefore, they avoid putting in a pool unless they have space for a full-sized one. But they are missing out! A small pool can not only be a wonderful addition to your home but, if approached the right way, it can bring big style to your space. 

Eight ideas to make the most of your small inground pool 


1. Plunge pool 

A plunge pool is one of the best ways to cool down on a hot summer day. You just hop in and relax. Have health issues related to inflammation? A plunge pool could provide some relief. Just make sure you consult with your doctor before using a plunge pool as a form of treatment. 

2. Garden centrepiece 

A small pool can be the perfect feature for your garden. It can provide a great centrepiece for a symmetrical style garden or simply add a pop of contrast to your backyard’s greenery.  

3. Standout design 

A uniquely designed small pool can create a focal point for your backyard. Nowadays you can design any shape of pool. Maybe you want your initial or a guitar or even an abstract shape. No matter what you want, a professional pool company can make your small inground pool dream a reality. 

4. Spool 

Looking for something more versatile? A small pool can be easily swapped between a plunge pool and a hot spa. The best part of this is that you get two options for the price – and space – of one! 

5. Temperature control

Another way to have a hot/cold element is to have a patio with a pool and firepit. This is perfect for parties. If it is cold, you can set a fire. If it is hot, you can hop in the pool. Or you can move back and forth between splashing in the water and lounging by the fire.

6. Added value 

Thinking about selling your home? A small inground pool can add major value. On top of that, it can drive up interest in your home.  

7. Playtime 

A small inground pool can still give you enough space for some fun pool activities. For example, you can create a water badminton area which is a great way to cool down and have fun at the same time! 

8. Reflecting pool

Reflecting pools are considered one of the best ways to reduce stress. Add one to your patio, garden, or anywhere else in your backyard. Consider adding some waterproof speakers as well so you can play soothing music to enhance your relaxation. 

Ready to install a small inground pool in your backyard? Here are eight designs to help inspire you!