Attention all pool owners! Although it may generally seem that your pool is up to standard, it may not actually be. Knowing the signs that your swimming pool needs repairs and catching them before it is too late will save you time and money. 


Signs your swimming pool needs repairs


Wall cracks 


If you see any slight cracks on the walls of your concrete pool, this is definitely a sign that your pool needs repairs. Cracks can cause water leakage, which is a waste of water but more importantly can damage the foundation surrounding the pool. This issue can become a big problem and needs to be addressed immediately. 


Broken lights 

Water and electricity should never mix. Having a professional take care of your broken lights is something you should consider, as a DIY project can cause harm to yourself or others using the pool. If there are broken lights, immediately turn off any electrical source and drain the pool. 



You should always be checking for rust. Rust usually develops around the skimmer. If you find a little bit of rust, use a wire brush to remove it and then coat it with enamel primer and matching anti-rust enamel paint. If there is a lot of rust or the rust is not coming off, call a professional to take a look. Rust can cause bigger issues so it is important to take care of it at soon as possible.


Unclean water

We recommend that you become familiar with the different types of pool water, and what your pool water is trying to tell you. Having unclean pool water can be a sign of unexpected problems such as blocked pipes, a blocked sand filter or a malfunctioning pool pump. Learn more about the different types of pool water to understand possible signs of damage before it gets worse. 


Pump motor

An essential repair to watch out for is for the pump motor. This is one of the most common repairs we see in Vancouver, as it has the most moving parts which can cause a higher chance of failure. If the pool water looks cloudy or dirty, it might be a sign that the pump motor is not working properly. Another sign is that your electrical bills have gone up significantly, because the pump motor is continuously running. Your pump motor needs to be regularly checked and serviced. This will save you from significant problems that might occur in the future. 


Extremely cold water 

Ice cold water can be a sign that your pool heater might be malfunctioning. This can happen because there is not enough water flow or something might be blocking the airflow. Another sign that your pool heater is not working properly is if the pool temperature starts to fluctuate or the heater is not turning on. Check the pool manual and follow the instructions. If that does not work, call a pool repair specialist. 

There are several technical issues that can lead to a poorly functioning pool, including poor filtration systems, broken plumbing, or improper sealing. If you notice any of these issues while using your pool, contact us today.