An important decision in adding a pool to your property is deciding whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor pool. Here is all you need to know if you choose to install an indoor custom pool.

The benefits of installing a custom built indoor pool in Vancouver:

Continuous use 

The great thing about indoor pools is having the flexibility to use the pool whenever you choose to swim. This includes being able to use your pool during any all four seasons without worrying about the weather conditions outdoors.

You also do not need to winterize your indoor pool, which can save you money.

Extra privacy 

With indoor pools, you can choose how much exposure you would like. Choose whether you would like a space with full windows or lots of coverage where you can have the space all to yourself. 

Keep your pool clean 

With an indoor pool, there is an advantage to not having to deal with outdoor contaminants, waste and garbage. Outdoor pools tend to get dirty if not properly covered. 

Without external contaminants clouding the water, upkeep and cleaning is much simpler. cleaning is much simpler.

Indoor spa

If you ever need a spa day, why not turn your indoor pool into a customized spa. With an indoor pool, you can have complete control of the space. Add soft, and warm lights to the space, cover the windows with blinds, turn on your diffuser for a relaxing aroma and add heat for a nice warm temperature in the space. 

Avoid harmful UV rays 

Even though swimming in the sun can be fun, it can also lead to sun damage and heat stroke. When swimming, you may not remember to reapply sunscreen, or pay attention to how much  sun exposure you get.

With an indoor pool, this is something you do not need to worry about. With protection from the sun, you can swim for as long as you like without thinking about reapplying sunscreen or finding a shady spot to cool down.. 

Adds luxury 

Imagine having a space inside your home just for your pool. Creating the ideal space for an indoor swimming pool can add value to your home. You can design the space completely on your terms and make it as luxurious as you would like. 

Consider where you want your pool to be located.

With an indoor pool, you have many options to put your pool wherever you please, read this guide for further information on where to put your indoor pool. 

Installing a custom pool, whether indoors or outdoors, is a thrilling but important choice. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about which choice is best for you.