Is saltwater or chlorine better in the pool for your Vancouver home? This is a question a lot of homeowners struggle with. As for the answer? Well… it depends.

Each pool has pros and cons, making the better pool dependant on your lifestyle and needs. Given that, we have put together the reasons to opt for saltwater versus reasons to choose chlorine for your pool.

Why choose a saltwater pool for your Vancouver home?

1. Fewer chemicals

This is often considered the biggest advantage of having a saltwater pool for your Vancouver home. Unlike chlorine pools, saltwater pools are all natural. That means they do not make your swimsuits or hair fade in the way chlorine pools do. More importantly, there are no negatives effects on your health when you swim in saltwater, while there have been some health issues that have been connected to long-term chlorine exposure.

2. Less personal effort

Chlorine pools require that someone lift heavy containers of chemicals, applying them consistently to balance the water. This can be difficult for some pool owners. There is also all the trouble of storing the chemicals somewhere safe. With saltwater pools, there is much less work for owners to take care of.  

3. More comfortable

Do you find your eyes hurting and your skin drying out after swimming in a chlorine pool – even when the chemicals are balanced? You likely are sensitive to chlorine. The upside is that you now have the option of installing a saltwater pool for your Vancouver home instead. Many people who have chlorine sensitivities find saltwater more comfortable to swim in. Even those without chlorine sensitivities will find that saltwater pools are not as hard on their eyes, skin, and hair. Saltwater pools are also easier on your bathing suit and hair colour, not leading to the same fading as you often get from swimming in chlorine pools.

The reasons to have a chlorine pool for your Vancouver home

1. Less professional maintenance required

While chlorine pools require more work on the part of the owner, they do not require as much professional maintenance. Why not? With a chlorine pool, owners can do much of the work balancing the chemicals and keeping the water sanitary. By contrast, saltwater systems are more elaborate. Therefore, if something is not working, there is little owners can take care of on their own. The only option, then, is to call in a professional.

2. Lower cost

If you are looking for the most affordable option, you likely want to look at a chlorine pool for your Vancouver home. Chlorine pools are less expensive to install. While some people say that saltwater pools ultimately pay for themselves by the savings they provide on chemicals, other people argue that this is offset by the additional maintenance required on saltwater systems.

3. Less damage to various pool accessories and elements

Saltwater pools can be hard on pool accessories, fixtures, liners, lighting, heaters, and masonry work. A lot of the damage had to do with the fact that everything was designed with chlorine in mind. Newer material generally does not have the same issue with saltwater. If you are looking at turning your old chlorine system to a saltwater system, we suggest having a professional inspection to ensure the saltwater will not cause too much damage.  


There are many factors to consider in the decision between a chlorine pool and a saltwater pool for your Vancouver home. Still not sure which type of pool is right for you? Book a consultation with us to discuss which option best fits your wants and needs.