There are a lot of decisions to make during a Vancouver swimming pool installation. One of the biggest decisions you will make, however, will be where to place your swimming pool.

How do you choose the right location for your Vancouver swimming pool installation?

What to consider when choosing the spot for your Vancouver swimming pool installation

1. Shape

The shape you have planned for your pool can influence the space it can fit into. Therefore, before deciding on a place for your Vancouver swimming pool installation, you should have a clear idea of the pool shape you want.   

2. Sun

Do you want to be swimming in full sunlight? Or do you want your pool partially or fully in the shade? Remember that, in the light, the water will be somewhat warmed by the sun. Also, think about the sun level you want on your Vancouver pool deck.

3. Privacy

Many pool owners want some level of privacy. If that is something you want, you can do this test. Stand in the area you are considering for your Vancouver swimming pool installation. Look around in every direction. Can you see any of your neighbours’ windows or outdoor living spaces? If you can, your neighbours will be able to see you if they are in those places.

4. Noise

Along with privacy – or the lack thereof – comes varying levels of noise. So when you do your walk of the spaces you are considering, stay in each spot for a few minutes at various times of day. As you stand in each spot, listen and note the amount of noise you hear. Is it too noisy for you to enjoy your pool? Too quiet? Or just right?

5. Surrounding area usage

How is the area around your planned pool used? Is there a lot of foot traffic through it? Do your children play there? How the area is used will tell you how much activity to expect around the pool area.

6. Features

The features you want for your Vancouver swimming pool and deck can shift the amount of space you require. Even if you do not know the precise features you want, try to set an approximate plan. If you wait until after the installation to make these decisions, you may find your feature choices limited by the size and shape of your pool and deck.  

7. Plumbing

You cannot put a pool in an area with your septic tank. Given this, it is important to check your home plans, looking at where your septic tank is. The septic tank location can be a significant issue as areas where it is often located generally overlap with areas that would fit a pool. 

8. View

Most pool owners want a good view. Again, the best way to tell what the view is going to be is to go out to the space or spaces you are considering. Look around. Are you happy with the view? We suggest going back to your favourite placement option several times to make sure you do not get bored of the view. This may sound like a lot of work, but it is worth it as pool placement is a significant decision.

9. The existing space

What is on the space you are considering now? If there is something like a garden or play area, make sure you check with all family members, ensuring they will not miss the existing space.

Looking at a hot tub? Remember to consider these factors before you choose a location. Ready to start your Vancouver swimming pool installation? Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.