Building a pool in Vancouver can be exciting and fun for the whole family. That said, before contacting a Vancouver swimming pool contractor about a build, there are a number of factors to consider. That is why we suggest asking yourself these questions first…

Ten questions to answer before building a pool in Vancouver


1. How much use will I get out of a pool? 

What is the purpose of your pool? Do you want it for health reasons? To swim more? To enjoy quality time with your family? Once you know what you want from your pool, think about how often you see yourself actually spending doing that. For example, if you want to use your pool to stay in shape but tend to work long hours, will you be able to alter your schedule to make it home with enough time to swim laps in your pool. Also take into consideration Vancouver’s climate, which can limit outdoor pool usage.

2. Do I plan on staying in this home long-term?

There is no point in adding a pool to your home if you are going to be moving soon. If you are entertaining the idea of moving in the next few years, you may want to discuss if the pool you are looking at will add significant value to your home. If not, save your pool design for your next home.

3. Do I want a pool or a hot tub?

Choosing between a pool and a hot tub can be challenging – and there are a number of factors to think about. This is where going back to the purpose of your pool can be helpful. Want to workout or play with your children? You probably want a pool. Would you rather have a relaxing or romantic hangout spot? A spa may be more your speed. Don’t forget that, with a hot tub, you could also use it as a plunge pool when you want. 

4. Where would I put a pool?

You will need to allocate an appropriate amount of space before building a pool in Vancouver. Think about the type of pool you want and the requirements for it. Don’t have enough space for a full pool? Look at a plunge pool or a hot tub instead! 

5. What style of pool do I want? 

Think about the style, shape, and size of your dream pool. Then consider what will fit in your space and with your pool needs. Not sure if your style and needs fit together? Ask your pool contractor for advice. 

6. What is my budget? 

You will want to have a sense of the budget you are working with for your pool. This is especially true today where there are an infinite number of features available at every price point. In addition to the cost of building your pool in Vancouver, make sure you are factoring in the costs of running it. This includes the costs of heating, electricity, and chemicals. 

7. Who will handle the pool’s maintenance? 

Do you plan on doing your own maintenance or will you be hiring a professional? If you plan on doing the maintenance yourself, make sure you understand the commitment this requires. Also, be aware of the limits of DIY maintenance – and when it is time to call in a professional. Finally, ensure you are factoring in any professional maintenance and repairs into your budget. 

8. What safety features do I need to include? 

Safety features are the most important aspect to consider in relation to your pool. In order to identify the safety features you need, ask yourself: 

  • Will I be hosting a lot of events or parties? 
  • Do I have little ones at home?
  • Do I have pets?
  • Are there children or pets who will be around the pool? 

Discuss your situation with your contractor. They will be able to advise you about the safety features you need. And never forget that you are responsible for making your pool safe. 

9. What special features do I want to include?

This is a fun part – and a great way to include any kids in your family in your pool’s design. There are all kinds of features now, so take some time to look at your options. You may want to consider a theme, such as a staycation getaway complete with a rock waterfall and a firepit. 

10. Who is going to build my pool?

This is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to building a pool in Vancouver. Always work with a trusted professional swimming pool contractor like Trasolini Pools.

Ready to start building a pool in Vancouver? Not sure which contractor is right for you? Use these questions to help you make your choice!