Now that we are heading into the winter months, it is important to protect your Vancouver swimming pool from freezing. Of course, having water freeze in Vancouver is not that common, unless you live in higher elevation areas like West or North Vancouver. Freezing does happen in lower elevation areas too, though – and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Why it is important to protect your Vancouver swimming pool from freezing

When you do not protect your Vancouver swimming pool from freezing, you are putting it at risk. The water freezing can damage your pool surface – or even crack it.

In addition, water freezing can put to your backyard and any landscaping within it at risk. The reason for this is that any weaknesses can lead to breakage when water freezes in the plumbing. This then creates a leak. When the water unfreezes, this leak can damage your deck, property, and other landscaping features.

How to protect your Vancouver swimming pool from freezing

There are a number of steps you can take to protect your Vancouver swimming pool from freezing.

1. Watch your water

Winter is the time to make sure your water level is right and the water is properly balanced. If something is off with the water, damage is more likely to occur. There is debate about the right level and water balance, so speak with your professional pool company to make sure you are following their best practices.

2. Clear water from the pipes and pool equipment

You do not want water sitting in pipers or equipment when temperatures drop below freezing. In order to prevent this, clear the water with a blower or compressor.

3. Plug the pipes

Once you have cleared the pipes, it is time to plug them. This will prevent water from re-entering them.

4. Add swimming pool antifreeze to the plumbing lines

This is a simple way to ensure your lines do not crack. Just make sure you are using the proper antifreeze. Not sure which one to use? Contact your professional pool company for advice about the product that is right for you.

5. Place an inground skimmer ice expansion product

One of these products will help seal your skimmer, preventing water from getting into it. In addition, if ice does build up in it, it will also absorb the pressure, protecting against breakage.

6. Install a cover – if you do not have one already

There are a lot of safety reasons to install a pool cover. A cover can also help protect your water from freezing though – on top of everything else.

In addition to following this advice, it is important to winterize your pool. Follow this checklist to make sure you do not forget anything.