Installing an indoor pool is a big decision. Before moving forward, it is important to make sure that it is the right choice for you. That is why we have put together a list of pros and cons for you to consider. Remember, never let anyone push you into committing to a pool before you are ready. Reputable pool companies in Vancouver should want you to take your time and only move forward when you are confident in your decision.

The pros of installing an indoor pool


1. Indoor pools are luxurious

There is a reason why high-end hotels, spas, and condo buildings have indoor pools – they are synonymous with luxury. Not only will your indoor pool feel like a treat every time you use it, but it will also provide the perfect place to entertain your friends. On top of that, installing an indoor pool could add value to your home.

2. You can use indoor pools year round

Outdoor pools are governed by the weather. If it is raining – as it often is in Vancouver, you may not want to go swimming. If it is too cold, you likely will not want to go swimming. Then there is the challenge of winterizing your outdoor pool. You can avoid all of these concerns by opting for an indoor pool that will always be accessible to you, no matter the weather.

3. Indoor pools are easier to keep clean

With an outdoor pool, you have to deal with debris making your water dirty and clogging up your systems. In an indoor environment, you can avoid such debris. This makes it much simpler to keep your pool and its water clean.

4. Indoor pools offer more privacy

Privacy is important to most pool owners. No one wants to worry about a nosy neighbour in the middle of a party or family time. Installing an indoor pool guarantees you never have to deal with this issue again. That allows you to swim with peace of mind anytime – day or night.

The cons of installing an indoor pool


1. Indoor pools are expensive to install

Not only are you paying to install an indoor pool, you are also paying to turn a space into a pool room. That is often a costly renovation that requires adding additional ventilation and temperature controls. Depending on the size of your current home, you may also need an addition to be built in order to give you the space for a pool.

2. Indoor pools increase your bills

Installing an indoor pool will increase your monthly bills. Expect to see the largest jump in your heating and lighting bills. Most pool owners do find, however, that, once they know the jump in costs, they are able to plan accordingly.  

3. Indoor pools require proper ventilation systems and temperature controls

Indoor pools can cause a serious mildew issue if the appropriate systems are not in place. We have already mentioned that these systems carry a cost. In addition, adding proper ventilation systems and temperature controls will take time and energy. You will need to hire a proper construction company to handle the build, which means there will be work people in your space.

4. You cannot enjoy outdoor activities with indoor pools

Are you are a fan of sunbathing? Do you want to host barbeque pool parties? With an indoor pool, you lose out on the fun in the sun aspects of having a pool. If you will miss these types of activities, you may want to consider an outdoor pool instead.

5. Indoor pools have more restricted space

With an indoor pool, you likely will not have the same space for lounging, cooking, or dining areas as you would in your backyard. Again, think about if this matters to you. If so, an outdoor pool is probably the best way to go.

If you are worried about the space required for installing an indoor pool, consider an indoor spa instead. Already know an indoor pool is right for you? Give us a call to get your build started.