Pools can be a great way for children to stay fit and have fun. However, pools can also be quite dangerous for children and babies when pool safety is not attended to. Previously on our blog, we have addressed lifeguarding tips and general pool safety. But when you have children and babies in the area, there are three specific pool safety tips to remember.  

Pool Safety Tips to Protect Children and Babies


1. Teach your children and babies to swim

Many parents feel they have to wait until their child is older to teach them how to swim, but this is not the case. Most swimming programs offer parent and baby lessons for children as young as three months. These programs allow you and your baby to learn about water and pool safety, as well as develop basic parent/baby water skills. Continue on to solo child lessons as soon as your little one is old enough – usually at two or three years old.

Instead of waiting for summer to start, consider enrolling your child in a program now. This way, by the time spring and summer roll around, your child will have already developed better water skills and a more in-depth knowledge of pool safety. You would not wait until it was time to go on a road trip to teach a teen how to drive so do not wait until pool season is upon us to teach your children how to swim.   

2. Always take precautions

Even if your children have attended swimming lessons, they should never be in or around the water without the proper precautions. With babies or young children, one such precaution is to have an adult in the water, within arm’s reach. With older children, an adult should at least be on deck and paying attention to the activity.

To ensure pool safety, make sure babies in the pool are always being held by an adult. Young children and weak swimmers should be in life jackets while in the water. Make sure there are other floatation devices in and around the pool for older children to use when necessary.

Finally, make sure all adults who are supervising children and babies are trained in pool safety and CPR. Remember that there are different forms of CPR used for babies, children, and adults. Ensure that supervising adults know all three forms.

3. Have a fence or pool cover

It only takes a moment for a child or baby to run over to unprotected water and get into trouble. That is why the most important element of pool safety is restricting access to the water. This can easily be accomplished with a fence or pool cover. Want to ensure pool safety without compromising on style? There are many sleek pool and hot tub covers available to meet your style and safety needs.  

Remember to always attend to pool safety.

Tragic accidents can happen anytime and in an instant. That is why it is important to always attend to pool safety, especially when there are children or babies nearby.

Water needs to be respected but, with proper pool safety, you can have family fun in your pool this summer – and for many years to come. If you or anyone else in your family is planning to construct a swimming pool, get in touch! At Trasolini Pools, our team is comprised of experts in swimming pool construction and we can help ensure that your pool is child-friendly and safe.