Every swimming pool, regardless of its construction quality, will experience wear and tear over time. It is inevitable. Regular usage, exposure to the elements and the natural aging of materials all contribute to the need for occasional repairs. While homeowners themselves can handle some minor issues, understanding when to call in the experts—like the team at Trasolini Pools—is crucial for long-lasting results.

Types of Typical Pool Repairs

Surface Repairs:

Every type of pool surface–plaster, fibreglass or vinyl–is susceptible to damage over time. Issues such as cracks, chipping and peeling can not only ruin your pool’s aesthetics but can also compromise its safety and functionality. Addressing these concerns when they come up ensures that small problems do not escalate into major complications.

Structural Pool Repairs:

The foundation of a pool, along with its walls and steps, can sometimes sustain damage. This may be due to ground movement, water pressure or simple aging. Addressing structural concerns is essential to maintaining the pool’s integrity.

Pool Equipment Repairs:

Pumps, heaters and filters are essential components of a pool’s system. Any malfunction in these can affect the water’s clarity, temperature, and circulation. Regular check-ups and timely repairs are essential to keep the pool equipment running smoothly.

Leak Detection and Repair:

Water loss can be more than just evaporation. Leaks can occur due to several reasons – through fittings, accessories, plumbing or equipment or even right through the shell. Once a leak is detected, quick repairs can save both water and money.

Pool Tile and Grout Repairs:

Tiles not only add to the pool’s beauty but also play a part in its safety. With age, tiles can become loose or damaged and grout might deteriorate. Stepping on a loose or broken tile could seriously injure your pool guests. Renewing tile and grout can revitalize the look of the pool and ensure the safety of poolgoers.

The Trasolini Pools Difference

Trasolini Pools has a proven track record of diagnosing pool repair issues and offering efficient and effective solutions. Our team of professionals employs the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring that repairs are long-lasting.

A Note on Maintenance

It is important to highlight that while Trasolini Pools stands as a beacon of excellence in pool building and repair, we do not offer regular pool maintenance services. Our focus remains on providing top-notch installation, repair and renovation services.


Every pool owner cherishes the serene moments by the poolside, the joyous splashes and the memories created. Ensuring that the pool remains in its best condition is fundamental to these experiences. Recognizing when professional intervention is required and choosing the best in the business, like Trasolini Pools, guarantees that pool moments remain uninterrupted and delightful. Address pool repairs promptly and always rely on trusted experts for the best results.

Thinking of addressing your pool’s repair needs? Get in touch with the experts at Trasolini Pools to ensure your pool remains a paradise.