Pool landscaping is one of the best ways to bring your style to your Vancouver backyard. You can create a family friendly hangout, or a fun party spot, or a haven from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Whatever your dream backyard is, pool landscaping can make it a reality. Not sure what you want? Take a look at some of our favourite landscaping ideas.

10 of our favourite pool landscaping ideas


1. Create an outdoor entertaining area

If you are a fan of social gatherings or even just low-key family time, consider putting in an outdoor entertaining area. Place a firepit with a number of seating areas close-by for a relaxed vibe. For more of a party scene, add cool lighting and waterproof speakers. Want to have meals outside? Put in a backyard grill or dining area. No matter what environment you establish, your outdoor entertaining area is sure to be a hit!    

2. Install a deck

A deck may – at first glance -–seem old-fashioned, but it does not have to be. The wooden deck is actually back in style, so if that classic look is your thing, embrace it! If you want a more modern look though, opt for a stylish option, like slate. Use a variety of colour to create pool landscaping as unique as you are.

3. Construct a gazebo

There is little more striking than a well-designed gazebo. On top of that, a gazebo is practical. It can provide shade during the day and cover in the rain, allowing you to use your outdoor space in all kinds of weather. Always make sure you practice pool safety, though, including never swimming during a storm.

4. Plant a garden

If you are looking to make a haven for yourself and your loved ones, a garden is one of the best ways to do that. Make your garden your own through the inspiration for it. We suggest looking at various types of styles from around the world, such as Japanese gardens, hedge mazes, and English gardens. When you find an inspiration you like, share it with the company handling your pool landscaping.

5. Focus on the pool

A pool can be the ideal focal point for your landscape design, especially if it has a unique shape or look. To feature your pool, use neutral colours and features in the rest of your backyard. This clean appearance is great for those with a minimalist aesthetic.  

6. Put in a pond

A pond is one of the most relaxing features you can have in your Vancouver backyard. Play up this element by surrounding it with beautiful plants or by introducing fish to the water. With a few small touches, you will feel like you are in the midst of cottage country.

7. Build a tropical oasis

If tropical vacations are more your speed, think about building your own oasis. To do this, you can add waterfalls, rocks, and tropical plants. Then lay out and enjoy a vacation paradise whenever you want!

8. Install a privacy hedge or trees

Pool landscaping can also be the perfect way to add privacy to your backyard. All you need for this is a hedge or a line of trees. While you can keep your design to this one element, you can combine it with others, such as a pond or a tropical oasis.

9. Light it up

Lights are a simple way of creating a big impact. That makes a lighting design the perfect addition to any pool landscaping design. Not sure how to best incorporate lighting? Ask your professional pool company for advice. They will help you pick the perfect lights for the feel you are building.

10. Keep it simple

Landscaping can be a way of decreasing the maintenance required for your backyard. For example, you can create a design with no grass, instead featuring stone and – maybe – a few low maintenance plants. Again, the amount of maintenance you want or do not want to do is information to pass on to the professionals who will be working on your pool landscaping.

When thinking about your pool landscaping, remember one important first step: deciding where to place your water! We have created an easy guide to help you pick the perfect place for your pool.