Just because fall is here does not mean you have to close your pool down. There are still plenty of ways to enjoy your pool in the fall in Vancouver. 

8 ways to enjoy your pool this fall 


1. Start your fire

If you want a more cozy environment for your pool in the fall, consider adding a fire pit or table. This way, once you are done swimming, you can snuggle up and get warm. Even better, a fire pit or table is the perfect addition to a party – any time of year. 


2. Add some heat

Another addition you may want to consider is a hot tub. With a hot tub, you extend the number of months you will want to use your pool: after swimming, you can always warm up in the hot tub. 


3. Turn on the gas

If you do not want a full addition, opt for some portable gas heaters. Add these by your pool so you stay warm when you get out of the water. Please ensure they are kept at a safe distance from the edge of the water, and keep your children safe around these appliances. Remember that safety should always be the top priority. 


4. Take a dive-in  

Instead of Netflix and chill, create your own “dive-in” movie nights. All you need to do is set up a screen and projector in your backyard. Invite your friends (or have a quiet night in) and watch your favourite movies while floating in the pool or relaxing in your hot tub. Fall is a great time to do this because the sun starts setting earlier, giving you lots of viewing time! 


5. Get lit 

Fall is the ideal time to add a cool lighting scheme to your backyard. Having some more lighting will allow you to spend more time in the pool, even with the sun setting earlier. Again, this is a nice addition because you can enjoy a great lighting setup throughout the rest of the year too. 


6. Bring on the fun

We know that kids can complain about pools in the fall. If you want your children to stay active in the water, add some new fun features. A slide, diving platform, or even a basketball hoop can entice your kids and their friends to continue enjoying the pool during the fall. 


7. Swim and sip 

After a swim, serve up warm drinks. Consider a nice hot chocolate. If you have a fire pit, you can even roast marshmallows and add them to the hot chocolate. You can also have hot cocktails of some kind. If you are doing that, however, make sure that you serve everything up once everyone is finished swimming for the night. No one should be drinking alcohol and swimming. 


8. Make it hot 

Even if you keep your heat lower during the summer months, crank it up a bit in the fall. This way, the water will be warmer and welcoming, creating a more enjoyable swimming experience. You may never want to get out! 


Even if you are enjoying your pool in the fall, you still need to stay on top of your usual maintenance. Here is fall maintenance that has to be taken care of