Pool coping… If you are in the midst of planning your residential swimming pool design, you have probably come across this term a lot. But what is it – and why should you care about it?

Pool coping is a vital component of residential swimming pool design.

The term refers to the edge cap that surrounds a swimming pool. What can this edge cap add to your residential swimming pool design? Practically, it covers your pool’s poured concrete edge. This prevents water from getting behind the pool’s shell or lining, leading to damage – and costly repairs. Aesthetically, it frames your pool, giving it a more chic, polished appearance.

Pool coping can even set the look of your residential swimming pool design.

Pool coping comes in a wide variety of materials, including natural stones, natural aggregate material, tile, and concrete. It also comes in a range of colours and styles, making it easy to find the ideal coping for your residential swimming pool design. You can even choose between straight-edged or curved. If all these choices sound overwhelming, not to worry – a pool designer will be able to help you find the right look for your pool.

No matter what look you choose, make sure that your pool coping is non-skid.

This will help prevent you and your loved ones from slipping by the pool. Also, as coping protects your pool, make sure you have it installed by a professional and have it be regularly checked for cracks or damage. If you find any issues in between your regularly scheduled maintenance, contact a professional pool company in Vancouver, like Trasolini Pools, to have repairs conducted as soon as possible. This will ensure that water is not able to slowly leak, causing problems for your pool’s shell or lining.

Have an issue with your pool coping? We are always here to help. Want to add coping to your residential swimming pool design? Get in touch with us today to start making your dream pool look a reality.