A dive in a pool filled with water is probably the best way to beat the summer heat and the loveliest way to relax your body, mind & soul. Be it kids or grown-ups, all love spending a hot day in the pool. Swimming pools are gaining popularity, and more people are willing to build poolsin their backyards.

No doubt swimming pools are a fun way to spend your summer. But keeping them clean and tidy is also important. Pools gather dust and debris over time. Thus, it is necessary to keep them clean for a healthy swim.

Maintaining the condition of the pool and keeping them clean is not an easy task. So, to help you in this matter, we have provided a few tips below that you can follow to open the gates for a clean swimming pool clean!

 Examine your pool chemistry

Keeping a check on the chemicals in your pool water is very important. The ozone level, alkalinity, the pH level should all be balanced. Both high and low levels of these chemicals are harmful.

Chemical Testing for the Pool

  • Ozone: Ozone acts as a sanitizer to keep the hazardous chemicals away and keeps the water clean. It eliminates bacteria and viruses and prevents redness of eyes and rashes.
  • Alkalinity: Alkalinity is the water’s capacity to neutralize the acid content in it. Both high and low ranges of total alkalinity (TA) are harmful to the pool and the water in it.
  • pH: pH measures the acidity of water. The neutral pH value is 7. If pH is below this value, the water becomes acidic and causes damage to the pool and results in irritation of eyes.
  • Chlorine: Chlorine kills the germs in water. It is advised to check chlorine levels in water every week and increase its content if necessary.

To maintain the optimum ozone levels, you can install an ozone generator in your pool. The ozone generator maintains the ozone level in the water thus keeping it clean.

In the case of a high TA, the water becomes dirty, chlorine becomes ineffective, and pH level is difficult to maintain.

If the TA is too low then, the pH level fluctuates, and the walls and tiles may erode.

It is thus recommended to check the alkalinity levels every week.

If the pH level rises; chlorine becomes ineffective which results in cloudy water and causes skin irritation.

Clean the Debris

It’s important to keep the debris out of pool.

To maintain a healthy pool, it is essential to keep any waste away from it. Any floating debris should be skimmed away from the surface using a net and thrown away.

Brush the Walls of the Pool

You should clean the walls of the pool every 5-7 days. This helps in keeping away any algae.

Use a Vacuum

vacuum is very handy for cleaning the floor of the pool. The vacuum can collect all dirt and debris at the bottom of the pool. Any remaining components can be cleared off using a brush.

Keep the pump filter clean

The pump filter catches hair and grime. Keep the filter clean to avoid accumulation of dirt. Also, it is necessary to backwash the filter every 10 days for its proper functioning.

In-Floor Cleaning system

If your pool has an In-Floor Cleaning System, then it is an easy task to clean your pool. The In-Floor Cleaning System comes in three types:

1) In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System (ICC): In an ICo nC system, rotating nozzles are placed inside the pool to collect the debris. These nozzles are linked through a circuit and activate at the same time.

2) Automatic Debris Removal System (ADR): This system has a combination of rotating nozzles and fixed nozzles which collect the debris and dispose of to the main drain.

3) In-Deck Debris Canister (IDC): An IDC System consists of a large canister which collects all the debris through the pool’s main drain. This kind of system is ideal for collecting large debris.

Taking Care of your Pool in Winters

If you don’t take proper care of your pool in the winter months, then it can leave the pool’s interiors damaged. Always remember to keep the pool filled with water during the winter. Do not allow the water to freeze as it may damage the tiles. Keep the filter and baskets clean in winter and maintain the pool chemistry.

The Professional Hand

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