Spending New Year’s Eve in your hot tub can be fun and relaxing. If you are planning on ringing in the New Year in your hot tub, remember to follow hot tub safety rules and keep the alcohol away. 

Here six reasons why you should not drink in or near your hot tub: 

1. Extreme dehydration 

Both hot tubs and alcohol can dehydrate you. Even though you don’t feel like you are perspiring while you are immersed in hot water, it does not mean you are not sweating. 

When your body sweats, you become dehydrated and adding an alcoholic beverage can exacerbate the dehydration.

Heavy dehydration can result in headaches, dizziness, nausea, thirst, weakness and even a coma or death. 

2. Dizziness 

The heat from a hot tub can lower your blood pressure. When you combine low blood pressure with the effects of alcohol, you will be more likely to fall and trip – increasing your chances of getting an injury. 

3. Drowning

If your blood pressure is low due to heat and you are feeling dizzy, nauseous or weak from alcohol, that can increase your risk of becoming unconscious and drowning. 

4. Broken glass and spills 

If a glass or glass bottle breaks inside or around the area of the hot tub, it can lead to cuts, injuries and slips. Also, glass entering your hot tub can also damage it internally.

Once the glass is inside the hot tub, it is difficult to get it out and you will have to enlist the help of a mechanic. 

5. Recklessness 

Consuming alcohol can cloud your mind and cause you to act more recklessly. This can cause dangerous accidents or injuries to you and those around you. 

6. Heat exhaustion 

The heat from your hot tub and alcohol can inflate your blood vessels and increase your body’s temperature. This can eventually lead to heat exhaustion which can cause unconsciousness and increase the risk of getting a stroke or heart attack. 

Additional hot tub safety tips 

In addition to keeping alcohol away, here are some other important hot tub safety tips to keep in mind: 

  • Do not soak alone
  • Keep hydrated
  • Limit the amount of time you soak 
  • Ensure your hot tub area is clean and clear
  • Sanitize high-touch areas
  • Monitor chemicals
  • Do not soak if you are sick 

By keeping your hot tub a safe zone, you can ensure everyone has an enjoyable New Year’s Eve!

If you have any more questions about your hot tub, please feel free to contact us today.