As a swimming pool contractor in Vancouver, we have heard all kinds of questions and comments. While we love getting questions about our pools, there are a few questions and comments that we hope we never hear again!

We have put these repeat offenders in a list so you know what to never ask your swimming pool contractor in Vancouver.

What to never say to a swimming pool contractor in Vancouver

1. “Can you have my pool ready tomorrow?”

Your swimming pool contractor in Vancouver wants to get your pool ready for you as soon as possible, but doing quality work takes some time. When you have an event planned and bring us in the day before, we are often not able to complete the work that needs to be done on your tight timeline. Instead of doing this – and winding up disappointed when we are physically unable to accommodate – give us a call in the weeks or months leading up to your event. That way, we can ensure all the necessary work is taken care of and that your event is pulled off without a hitch.  

2. “I’ve already gotten the work started!”

There is an old saying: “do not buy a dog and bark yourself.” In essence that means that you should not get a professional in only to do the job yourself. If you are hiring a swimming pool contractor in Vancouver then starting their work for them, you are barking. You are not, however, helping. In fact, in many cases what you have done can make the work more difficult for us as you have altered our workflow. So, if you have hired us to take care of your pool, let us do that. Truly, we want you to relax and leave everything to us!

3. “Watch out!”

Swimming pool contractors in Vancouver understand that many homeowners have animals – and that these animals may go to the bathroom in the backyard. It is not pleasant for us to be dealing with all equipment, though, while having to navigate around a roaming dog or piles of poop all over the lawn. So please do us a favour – make sure your dog is on a leash or in the house and clean up after your animals before we arrive. Similarly, we understand that you have children. Please make sure your kids are safely away from our work site before we begin.

4. “It looks okay to me”

A lot of pool owners believe that they can tell if their pool water is balanced or if there are any issues just by looking at the water. We are sorry to shatter this belief, but it is an illusion. You cannot see the chemical levels just by looking at the water. That is why it is so important to do the proper tests on the water. In the same way, it is not always possible to see issues with your pool, which is why regular maintenance is key.

Your swimming pool contractor in Vancouver is here for you.

Your swimming pool contractor in Vancouver wants to help you – and meet all your needs. When you create an impossible timeline, though, or make it impossible for us to do our jobs, all that does is create disappointment for you and stress for us. So please help us meet all your wants and needs by avoiding the statements we have outlined!

Not sure what to do before contacting a swimming pool contractor in Vancouver? Just follow these seven things. Ready to get in touch? We are always happy to hear from you!