A pool house used to be positioned as a necessity for a backyard pool… But do you really need one? What can a pool house offer? Today, we are discussing the many ways a pool house can make your swimming experience – and life – better.

How a pool house can make your life easier


1. Adds storage

When you have pool accessories, it can be tough to find appropriate storage spaces for them. A pool house can give you that storage. You can keep your accessories there, as well as a first aid kit to help deal with any pool-related injuries. Just make sure you keep emergency floatation devices within arms reach of your pool.

2. Keeps the house clean

If you do not have a pool house, you will have to take a wet traipse through your home every time you swim. You could get cold if the air-conditioning is on or even slip if you do not dry off well enough. In addition, you will leave a trail of pool water through your home, maybe end up even getting it on carpets or other sensitive materials. With a pool house, you can keep your home cleaner by having a separate space to dry off and change before coming inside.

3. Have a more convenient bathroom and shower

A pool house gives you a bathroom and shower close to the water. Again, this means you do not have to run in and out of the house. Having a bathroom nearby is also important if you have little ones. Want the easiest shower option? Add an outdoor rinse off area next to your pool house as well.

4. Space for a home gym

Some people add a gym to their pool house. This is a great addition, especially if you often use your pool for exercise. With a few pieces of equipment in your pool house, you will never have to go to the gym again!

5. A place to host guests

Another way many homeowners use their pool house is as a guest home. In addition to having a bathroom and changing area, you could add a kitchen, bedroom, and living room to create a self-contained apartment. If you have visitors coming, they can stay in your pool guest house, giving them – and you – some privacy.

6. Extra shade

A pool house can be built with an extended roof that creates a shaded spot to sit in by the pool. In the summer heat, this can be a lifesaver. It can also give a comfortable space for anyone who burns easily. Stock the fridge in your pool house with some cold drinks and you are good to go! Just make sure that you never mix alcohol and swimming or supervising children in the pool.

7. An entertaining space

Want more entertaining options? You can add a bar, dining area, games room, or lounge space to your pool house. Think about what kind of entertaining you want to do. Do you want to host dinner parties? House parties? Spa days? Whatever you decide, your pool house can be customized to fit your wants and needs.

When you are considering building a pool house, remember that you can have everything from a simple cabana or storage area to a full extension of your home. Also, do not forget to think about your pool deck too.