Like every luxury item, residential swimming pools need some TLC. These are seven common mistakes that Vancouver swimming pool owners should avoid to keep their pools swim-ready all season long.

Vancouver swimming pool owners can refer to these 9 suggestions to keep their pools in great condition 

1. Using the wrong chemicals

Not every pool is the same and not all water is the same. When thinking about which chemicals your pool needs remember that using the wrong chemicals can cause some serious damage, leading to irritation of skin, mouth and eyes, as well as deterioration of your pool lining. 

How do you make sure you are using the right solutions? Before the season, take a sample of your water and test it with your at-home kit.

2. Improperly shocking your pool

Shocking your pool is a ritual that should never be skipped and done on a weekly basis to keep your pool sanitized and free from harmful bacteria. By shocking your pool, you’re adding enough chlorine (or other chemicals) to clean the water and destroy the buildup of chloramines. The sun will burn off chlorine each hour so never shock in the morning. Instead, in the afternoon, pre-dissolve shock in a bucket of water and add it to your pool so it can sanitize while you sleep. This will also protect the plaster finish on your pool walls and floors. 

3. Forgetting to brush the hard-to-reach areas of your pool

Make sure to schedule some time for brushing. Vacuuming your pool to keep debris at bay is important, but keeping your pool in pristine condition requires some elbow grease and a pool brush. Brushing the hard to reach areas such as behind ladders, steps or stairs, corners and crevasses will keep algae and bugs away from your water, and consequently, off of your skin. 

Brush before vacuuming so that the debris that falls is caught by the vacuum, making sure your pool is swim-ready.

4. Not clearing debris out of your filters

A monthly swap out of your filter is the industry recommendation.  To clean your filter, give it an overall spray down and then assess if it needs more intensive cleaning, either with cleaning chemicals or acid to remove minerals 

5. Turning your pool filter and pump off

There is a common myth that turning off your pool filter and pump will save money. The truth is; switching them off will cost you more in chlorine, acid and service repair maintenance. To avoid expensive water problems, it is recommended that you run your filter for at least 8-12 hours a day to safeguard from any additional, unnecessary maintenance. 

6. Ignoring pool repairs

If your car’s brakes need replacing, you replace them. The same logic applies to your pool. Any cracks, creases, rips, tears or malfunctions should raise red flags that the quality and longevity of your pool might not remain intact until the repairs are made. Therefore, do not ignore them! Attend your pool and give it as much care as you would your favourite car. 

7. Letting the water level go too low

Letting the water dip below the pump is an expensive mistake that will trigger costly pipe and pump repairs. A consequence of low water levels is that the water inside the pump could overheat and melt the fittings, piping and pool plumbing. This is an expensive mistake that can easily be avoided by checking water levels regularly and topping up above the midpoint of the pool skimmer! 

A dip in a sparkly clean pool is the epitome of summer activities. Following these tips will help keep your pool clean and your water sparkling all summer. 

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