There’s nothing Vancouver pool owners love more than spending the day in the sun, splashing or floating around their backyard pools. 

Pool safety is an important part of owning a pool. After all, the best way to enjoy a pool is to enjoy it safely. This takes a bit of vigilance, but is easy to do and will ensure everyone gets the most of enjoying the pool. 

These pool safety tips will have you enjoying your pool all summer long while ensuring that family and friends stay safe by the water. 

Use these 9 pool safety tips year-round to keep your family safe

1. Designate an adult to watch the pool 

First and most importantly, during backyard BBQs or get-togethers, one adult should be designated for every two children playing by the pool.

The adult who is on grilling duty should not be doubling down on pool duty as well. 

Having one adult watching the children will ensure that their attention is always on what is happening in the pool. Conversations with family and friends should be had standing facing the pool and with one eye on the children. This is absolutely crucial for all Vancouver pool owners and if you only take one rule away from this, take this one. 

2. Keep an eye on your children

Even with floaty devices, pool toys can be somewhat unpredictable. Although intended for fun, these devices can easily flip over. Minimizing the number of toys in the pool is a good idea to reduce the risk of injury – that’s because a less cluttered pool area is easier to monitor. Be ready for anything by ensuring that you always have an eye on what is happening in and around the pool area. 

3. An adult should be within an arm’s length of each child

The best backyard lifeguarding tip for pool safety is to always be within one arm’s length of every child who is in, or near, the pool.

4. Establish pool rules 

These can be simple and straightforward. Let kids swimming around the pool know the rules before they are allowed to swim. Some good examples of rules you can enforce are: 

  • No running on the deck 
  • No head-first diving in the shallow end 
  • Only older children are allowed to dive 
  • Have a buddy system, always swim with a buddy 
  • No glass containers around the pool 

5. Have a readily accessible life preserver, phone, and First Aid kit 

Life-saving supplies, a phone nearby and a first aid kit will ensure you are ready for anything. Having these tools close by will keep you prepared for any unexpected injuries or emergencies. Prevention is better than cures. 

6. Learn CPR

CPR and First Aid training should be on your to-do list as soon as you plan on having a Vancouver pool company create your backyard pool. A CPR course is essential so you know exactly what to do if you need to save a life in the face of a serious emergency. Swimming and safety courses are also recommended to improve your skills in the water and allow you to make safe rescues. 

7. Keep the deck clear of toys and debris

Maintaining a safe and open pool deck area will not only provide a protected environment for your friends and family but will decrease the chances of serious injuries caused by tripping. It will also open up the line of vision from the deck to the pool and ensure that any events happening around the pool can be easily monitored. 

8. Sign your children up for swimming lessons

Teaching your children how to swim can not only spark a lifelong interest in swimming and fitness but will also keep them safe while playing in the backyard. The City of Vancouver has a ton of Red Cross Swim options for registering your children into swimming lessons and can help you when choosing the right class for your child, or check with your own city for local programs in your area 

9. Have younger children wear life jackets until they know how to swim

Kids who do not swim well, or do not know how to swim, should always wear lifejackets in the pool if there is not an adult in the pool holding them. Keep a careful eye on kids who can not swim well but are on the pool deck, even if they do not plan on swimming. You will want to be alert and prepared in case a child slips and falls into the pool.

10.Build a pool fence

There are some very important reasons to have a fence around your pool. You can make sure everyone is safe from falling into the pool, or jumping in when no one is watching, by protecting your pool with a high, locked fence around its perimeter. It is very easy for a child to slip in or enter the pool without supervision and ensuring it is protected can save a life! 

Backyard pool lifeguarding is all about preventing accidents, injuries, and drowning, but all Vancouver pool owners should know what to do if the unexpected does happen. The best way to enjoy your new pool is by enjoying it – safely!