If you own a swimming pool in your home, you are actually lucky. A swimming pool is a wonderful place to spend time together – splashing and playing! You can dive in your pool any time of the day to relax and enlighten yourself, as long as the weather cooperates in Vancouver. You even have the privilege to throw a pool party and invite your friends and loved ones to enjoy outdoor activities as much as food.

Since a swimming pool is one of the best parts of your home, it’s important to focus on its maintenance. Caring for a swimming pool doesn’t have to be difficult, however innocently, most homeowners commit pool blunders. These blunders can bring your pool pleasure to a halt.

Know how to properly maintain a pool and make yours last longer.

Learn From Mistakes!


#1 Not Brushing the Hard to Reach Areas of Your Pool

Vacuuming your pool to keep it from getting dirty is vital, but that’s not where it ends! After vacuuming your pool, it is necessary to brush the hard to reach areas with the help of a pool brush. Brush behind ladders, the water line at the top of the pool, steps or stairs, corners and crevasses to ensure algae and bugs don’t grow in your water. Make pool brushing a weekly habit!

A healthy, clear swimming pool awaits you. Splash!


#2 Not Knowing How to Balance Your Pool Water

Those who don’t know how to properly balance the water in their pool, end up paying a lot of money, time and frustration. It’s important to maintain the alkaline level of your pool water. Although acidic water looks clear, it is a big problem as it causes a lot of damage to pool filter and pump, vinyl liner, heater, automatic cleaner, chemical feeder, maintenance equipment, etc.

Keep the pH level of your pool water stable by ensuring its alkalinity. Ensure good pool water chemistry.

pH Level in the range of 7.2 – 7.6 is optimal Source: WikiHow


#3 Ignoring Pool Repairs for Long

Well, if you are planning to get one more season out of your pool without inspecting the damage & without making repairs as required, you’re in a great risk! When integral components of your pool have reached the end of their service life, you must attend to their service. If you delay your pool repairs for long, you will end up paying far more in the future!

Give your pool the much needed pool repair or service!


#4 Lack of proper care for an animal friendly pool

If you are one of those people who love your pets to have a swim with you in your pool, then proper care for your pool water is a must! A pool that is both human and animal-friendly demands cleaning your skimmer basket and filter the next day of your fun bath. This is to make certain that your pet’s hair don’t stay in your swimming pool.

With proper maintenance, you can prevent excessive debris or an impeller from being clogged.


#5 Shocking Mistakes

Shocking is as significant as regular sanitizing. Your swimming pool needs to be shocked on a regular, weekly basis. Most people ditch this practice! Get rid of organic & inorganic wastes such as sweat, suntan lotions, body oils, urine, dead chlorine, etc. Never shock your pool at the day time, rather shock at night; else the sun will burn off 1ppm chlorine each hour. Never add shock directly into the pool water!

Instead, pre-dissolve shock in a bucket of water and add it to your pool to protect your pool walls, and floors plaster finish


#6 The Wrong Pool Filter With the Pool Dye

For pool parties, people use pool dyes to give their pools a right look. Although entirely safe to use in a pool, a pool dye may impact your pool filter elements. So, remember, before you add the dye, it is essential to remove your cartridge filter or grids, put your diatomaceous earth filter on recirculation and continue to run your pool without your filter installed.

Once the dye clears, swap your filter elements on time. Have a great pool party without a fuss!


#7 Turning Your Pool Filter & Pump Off

If you are saving money on your electric bill by switching off your pool filter & pump, you are surely making a blunder! The truth is that the money you save will be spent on chlorine, acid and service maintenance. Of course, you don’t want to do this! It’s highly recommended that you run your pool pump and filter at least 8 hours a day. Both of these components keep your pool clean. So, ensure that your pool water runs through the filter once a day.

Are you tired of pool water problems? Then, run your pool filter for 8-12 hours a day!

Mistakes are meant for Learning, Not Repeating!
What all have we learn?

Swimming pool maintenance is not a hectic task. It’s just essential to know how to do it correctly. Whether we talk about a new or an experienced pool owner, these mistakes are common amongst everyone.

Summing up:

· Brush the hard to reach areas of your pool often

· Practice proper pool water chemistry

· Inspect the damage & get the repairs done

· Give proper care to a pet-friendly pool

· Ensure regular shocking; pre-dissolve shock in a bucket of water before adding it to your pool

· Put DE filter on recirculation before adding pool dye

· Run your pump & filter at least 8 hours a day

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Happy Swimming!