On a hot day, is there anything more appealing than a dip in your cool pool? You are not the only one that thinks so! Unwanted wildlife guests can, unfortunately, be a common issue for many pool owners, especially those that live near wooded areas. 

All types of wildlife can find a way into your pool for a refreshing dip, from birds and frogs all the way up to otters, bears and even moose! These types of visitors can leave behind messes that you will need to clean up unless you find a way to keep them out. 


Why shouldn’t you let wildlife in your pool?


It can be a serious health hazard for both you and any wildlife should they get into your pool.

If an animal falls into your pool, they may not be able to get back out and could potentially drown if there is no one around to notice. 


How to ensure that wildlife stays out of your pool


1. Don’t leave food by your pool

This may seem obvious, but many homeowners can forget that leaving food out on their pool deck can attract unwanted visitors. 

This also applies to birdfeeders. If you have one in your backyard, make sure that it is set far away from your swimming pool.


2. Put up a fence

This may already be a by-law in your area that requires this, but having a pool fence is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep animals out of your pool.


3. Install an automatic pool cover

Automatic pool covers make keeping wildlife out of your pool a breeze and they are especially effective for keeping birds out of your pool. 


4. Install automatic sprinklers

Even if you don’t have grass surrounding your pool, installing automatic sprinklers can help scare animals away. You may even find that after a couple of weeks, the animals in your neighbourhood will get the hint and stay away.


5. Use a flashing infrared system

This pulsing light can be a fantastic way to deter larger animals away from your pool at night. This method is also environmentally friendly and harmless to the animals, it will just give them a bit of a scare. 


6. Spray an animal repellent 

Some animals may be brave enough to get by all of the measures above. If you are still finding unwanted visitors in your pool, consider investing in an animal repellent and spraying it liberally around your pool. Remember to re-spray on a consistent basis, especially after it rains.


7. Add a wildlife pond nearby

If you find that your area is teeming with wildlife, why not give them another option? Most wildlife would prefer a simulated natural habitat over your pool if given the choice. 


Wildlife is not the only thing that should be kept out of your pool. Check out this list of what else should never go into your swimming pool.