When installing a pool deck in Vancouver, there are a number of things to consider. Often, however, pool owners do not know what these things are, which leaves them going into the situation blind.

Here is our list of the seven questions to ask yourself before moving forward with your pool deck installation.

7 questions to ask before installing a pool deck in Vancouver

1. What safety considerations do you need to keep in mind?

Safety should also be a top priority with any pool or pool adjacent building. Plan for a pool cover or fence if you have children who will be around. It is also important to think about any older family members and loved ones with physical limitations. For example, if you have a loved one who is prone to falls, you may want to consider materials with better grip or adding railings in strategic places. If you have specific safety concerns that need to be addressed, ensure you convey them to the professional pool company who will be designing and installing your pool deck in Vancouver.

2. How will the deck fit in with your pool and backyard?

If you are adding a deck on to an existing pool, you want to ensure that it fits in. Similarly, you want to keep your pool deck in line with the style and feel of your backyard. In order to do this, we suggest thinking of two words that best describe your backyard and pool. Are they “whimsical”? “Sophisticated”? “Family-oriented”? Whatever the two words are, use them as the guide for your pool deck’s style.  

3. What material will your pool deck be?

This is a discussion you should have with the company designing and installing your pool deck in Vancouver. Before having that discussion, we suggest looking at photos of various pool decks, selecting images you like. If you take these images in to the company you are working with, they will be able to advise you about what material will achieve the look you are seeking, while meeting any specific safety concerns.

4. What are the drainage factors?

Are there new drainage concerns that will be created by your pool deck? If so, the design will need to address these concerns. Not sure about potential issues? Do not worry. The professional pool company you are working with will be able to advise you about this – and advise you how to resolve any concerns.

5. What are the climate concerns?

Living in Vancouver, you have to think about the weather as you plan your pool deck. You may want to think about having a covered area where you can sit and relax, even in the rain. You may also want to think about a fire pit for cooler nights. Addressing the climate in your design will allow you to use your pool deck more – and enjoy it as much as possible.  

6. What are the construction factors?

This is another conversation that should occur with your pool company. In that discussion, make sure to ask about the plan for plumbing and wiring. You also want to convey any ideas you have in terms of lighting during this talk. Once your pool company is aware what type of lighting you want, they will be able to advise how to make it happen.  

7. What codes do you need to keep in mind?

There are a number of pool design guidelines set out by the BC government. Remember that, when you are working with a professional pool company, they will be able to guide you through the codes. They will also be able to guide you through applying for and receiving permits, which you will need before you can begin building.

The most important thing to consider before installing a pool deck in Vancouver

A professional pool company is vital to installing a pool deck in Vancouver. Not only does working with a professional pool company allow you to realize your design dreams, but to do so in a way that is safe, takes care of any building concerns, and that is permitted. Given this, the most important decision to make about your pool deck installation is what professional pool company to work with.

If you are thinking of installing a pool deck in Vancouver, here are 10 designs to help inspire you. Then, get in touch with us to learn how Trasolini Pools can help you realize your project.