With summer just around the corner, many of us are turning our minds to outdoor fun. Perhaps, for your family, that includes a swimming pool or spa.

Which one is the right choice for you? Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to find out…

4 questions to help you decide between a swimming pool or spa


1. How much space do you have?

When you are deciding between a swimming pool or spa, space can be a deciding factor. Do you have the space for a swimming pool? If not, you may want to choose a backyard spa – although a plunge pool is an excellent option where space is limited.

2. How much money do you want to spend?

Compared head-to-head, a swimming pool has higher costs than a spa. This includes design and construction fees, daily costs to operate the pool, and maintenance costs. Therefore, if you are working within a restricted budget, a backyard spa is likely the option for you.

3. How much time do you want to spend?

As a pool has more space, it also requires a greater amount of cleaning and personal maintenance. Are you willing to put the time in to do this, or will you hire a professional to maintain your pool? Talk to our team of Vancouver pool designers and pool installers about the maintenance requirements for a pool versus a spa, to decide which is right for you.

The most important question to ask yourself to decide between a swimming pool or spa…


4. How will you use your swimming pool or spa?

The right choice for you is tied to what you want out of your swimming pool or spa. Have children and are looking for a space for family fun? Want to work out in your backyard? Then a pool is the right choice for you. If you are seeking relaxation or romance though, you may want to consider a spa.

Once you have decided between a swimming pool or spa, remember to think about these key questions before contacting a Vancouver pool installation company. Then, when you are ready, drop us a line to make your swimming pool or spa dreams a reality.