Finding ways to save money is generally something most homeowners want to do, however, owning a hot tub does not come cheap. Hot tubs increase your hydro bills due to the electricity needed to run and heat them, so finding ways to keep your inground hot tub heated efficiently is important. 

Here are our 6 top tips to help you keep your inground hot tub heated efficiently:

Once you have found your ideal hot tub temperature, here is how you make sure maintaining it at that temperature is not a burden on your hydro bills. 

1. Use your cover while your hot tub is not in use 

The easiest way to keep your hot tub efficiently heated is to consistently use your hot tub cover. Ensure that it is properly locked into place and sealed after each time you soak. This helps prevent heat from escaping and evaporation from occurring faster. Keep your cover cleaned and free of debris to extend its lifespan. 

2. Replace your old hot tub cover

If your hot tub’s cover has cracks or holes, it is time to replace it, as it is usually the culprit behind major heat loss for hot tubs. This is a normal occurrence as water vapour breaks down a cover’s insulation over time. 

If you notice that your hot tub cover has recently become significantly heavier, that is another sign that it may be time to replace it, as it has taken on water and may fail soon. 

3. Replace your old filters

While you should regularly clean and check your filters, you will need to replace them eventually. Water does not pass through a dirty filter as efficiently as a clean one, and that will cause your hot tub’s pump to work harder (and use more electricity) in order to properly filter the water. This should be done at least once per year, depending on how often you use your tub. 

4. Properly maintain your hot tub’s equipment

Just like your filter, over time the rest of your hot tub’s equipment will need to be thoroughly serviced and may potentially need to be replaced in order to keep it working efficiently.

5. Re-consider your landscaping

To protect your hot tub from the elements, consider installing a wind barrier, planting some trees, or building an enclosure. This will help prevent heat loss as airflow can cool the surface of your water down quite quickly and cause your heater to work harder in order to counter it. 

6. Lower your water temperature

One of the easiest ways to keep your inground hot tub heated efficiently is to lower its temperature. By lowering it even by just 1 degree that can make an impact on your hydro bill.

Lastly, should I leave my inground hot tub running or not?

If the temperature outside is cold and/or you are using it more frequently, it makes more sense to keep it running so that it stays at a consistent temperature. Turning it off and then heating it back up again takes a significant amount of power. 

If the temperature outside is milder and/or you are using your hot tub pretty infrequently, then you will save more money by turning it off in between soaks.

That said, if you live in a place that experiences below-freezing temperatures you must keep your hot tub running all winter long to prevent water from freezing in your pipes and damaging your hot tub’s equipment.