In Vancouver, having an outdoor pool can at times be tough with our rainy winters and mild summers. One way to get around these weather woes is to opt for an indoor pool. It can feel unnatural to swim indoors unless you remember to incorporate the right kind of lighting and windows. That is why we are covering how to incorporate the best lighting for your indoor swimming pool design. 


What lighting to consider for your indoor swimming pool design


1. Sliding glass doors 

Sliding glass doors are an easy way to make an indoor/outdoor swimming pool space. We like this option because you have the best of both worlds. When it is warm outside you can open the doors and turn your pool into an outdoor pool. During bad weather, you can keep the doors close, allowing light in while avoiding the cold and rain.

2. Skylights 

Skylights are ideal for creating the feel of being outside even when you are inside. Add them to your indoor swimming pool design if you want an outdoor, natural feel. Talk to your pool designer about where to place a skylight to give you the brightest look. 

3. Open roof systems 

If you want to go even further into the inside/outside idea, you can always have an open roof system. These roofs allow you to retract them when you want to enjoy the good weather. The only factor to consider is cost. Creating an open roof system will be more costly than something like a skylight or sliding windows. 

4. Tall windows 

Tall windows can be a beautiful way to add natural light to your indoor pool. They fit with a classic design or a more modern feel. You will have plenty of light pouring in – and you will be able to see out. Just think about where your windows face as anyone outside would see into your pool area!  

5. Wall sconces 

Wall sconces are a great way to add light after the sun goes down or on dark days. Why choose these instead of overhead lighting? Overhead lighting can be difficult or even dangerous to change if it sits over your pool’s water. That means you can run into problems when a bulb goes out. With wall sconces, however, it is simple to deal with everything from burnt-out bulbs to repairs. 

6. Underwater lighting 

Many people are fans of underwater lighting. Not only can it add atmosphere, especially if you are having a party, but it is also perfect for swimming at night. Combine them with something like wall sconces to create enough light for nighttime swimming. If you are planning on having a lot of parties, choose colour-changing or patterned lights.

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