The winter season brings with it an array of opportunities for parties and celebrations. From the traditional Christmas party to the more adventurous New Year’s Eve bash, there is a party for everyone. Winter is also a time when many people like to gather and celebrate, so take advantage of your beautiful in-ground pool, and invite all of your friends and family to celebrate.

If you are planning your own winter pool party this year, then this guide will show you how to plan a successful event that will have your guests insisting it becomes an annual tradition!

In order to create the perfect winter pool party, you need to consider four things: pool safety, heating options, decorations and food.

Pool Safety

Safety always comes first. Some of the ways you can ensure pool safety are:

Establish pool rules:

  • Always swim in pairs
  • No running on the pool deck
  • Every child should have a designated adult supervising them
  • No alcohol in or near the pool

Make sure safety tools like life preservers and first aid kits are readily accessible. 

Take the time to ensure that your family and guests are fully aware of and understand safety guidelines.

Another step in pool safety is ensuring that the pool and surrounding areas are clean and sanitized. Some important considerations: 

  • The chemistry of the pool should be tested to make sure that the water is safe for swimming
  • Ensure the pump filter is clean to avoid grime and hair clumps
  • Debris should be skimmed off the pool surface to keep it clear
  • If it has snowed, be sure to shovel paths to the pool and hot tub for your guests, and ensure the pool surround is not slippery or icy

Not only does cleaning your pool help with safety and hygiene, it also helps to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and inviting. 

Pool Heating Options

There are several ways to keep your pool warm during the winter so your party guests are comfortable. A cost-effective way of heating your pool is using heat pumps which are 75% cheaper than gas pumps and can be used all year round since they also have the ability to cool your pool. 

Something else that may be worth investing in is the patio heaters that surround your pool. They can contribute to keeping your family and friends warm and cozy during the festivities. 

Offer a warm beverage station for kids and adults, like coffee and hot chocolate, with lots of fun and festive toppings.

Remember, if you choose to serve alcohol to your guests, please do so after everyone has finished enjoying their time in your pool and hot tub. Alcohol should never be consumed while in the water or before entering the pool.

Pool Party Decorations

This is the creative part and there is no reason to hold back. You can add Christmas decor, ornaments, wreaths, and lots and lots of twinkling lights.  

If you want to take it a step further, you can create a theme to involve your family and rev up the fun entertainment. Here are a few ideas:

  • An ugly Christmas sweater party– everyone should dress to impress, in their worst Christmas sweater!
  • A winter-themed scavenger hunt – set off on a fun scavenger hunt and then head to the pool and hot tub to warm up.
  • A fun “Water” Wonderland – the weather may be frightful, but the pool is delightful!
  • Holiday movie “dive-in” – show your favourite holiday movies on an inflatable movie screen, while your guests float.

There are so many fun themes and ways to decorate your pool party to excite and involve your family. Have fun with it!                               

Food & Entertainment

The pool is safe and clean, heated, and decorated. Now you need to plan the food and entertainment that will keep your guests happy and having fun. Ensure you have a pre-planned playlist of songs that fit your theme to keep the vibes going. 

Try some fun pool games or winter hot tub games to get the party started. One of the best things about swimming pools is that they bring people together. Throwing the perfect winter party is a great way to get the family together to enjoy the festive season together.