Even if your Vancouver hot tub is well maintained, you should consider shocking the water from time-to-time. Not sure why it is important to do this? Unclear about how to shock the water? Read on to learn everything you need to know about shocking your spa. 


Why you should shock your Vancouver hot tub 


Shocking your hot tub helps keep the water clean. This is the same as with a pool. The only difference is that, since the water is warmer, it is easier for bacteria to breed, making it even more important to keep your Vancouver hot tub clean. Here are the key ways shocking the water helps you do that: 

  • Eliminates chloramines and bromamines 
  • Kills bacteria 
  • Removes organic contaminants, including from bathers 

Now that you know why you should shock your spa’s water, it is time to discuss how to do it.


How to shock your Vancouver hot tub


1. Pick the right time 

To ensure that there is no risk of irritating bathers’ skin, shock the water when you know no one will be using the spa for a while. We suggest putting the chemicals in right after you get out from relaxing in the hot tub. This way, you know there will be enough time before you want to use the spa again. 

2. Read the instructions 

When you are dealing with strong chemicals, it is vital to know how to work with them. The best way to do that is to read the information provided to you by the manufacturer. Even if you have worked with the chemicals before, take the time to refresh your knowledge by re-reading the instructions. 

3. Measure the chemicals 

Shocking your Vancouver hot tub is all about dosing. If you add too much of the chemicals you are using, you can overdose the water. On the other side, you can underdose, meaning your water does not get shocked at all. If your chemicals do not come with a measuring device, pick one up that you can set aside for shocking your spa. 

4. Add the chemicals to the water 

Keep safety top of mind during this step. Do not shock the water with children or animals in the area. Make sure there are no strong winds as this can blow the chemicals away or even into your face. Once you confirm that the environment is right, get the measuring device close to the water and pour the chemicals in slowly. If you get any chemicals in your face or on your skin, wash it off right away and seek medical assistance, if necessary. 

5. Store chemicals 

End by putting your chemicals in a secure area. They should be stored away from children. We suggest keeping them in a locked cabinet to ensure there is no risk of children or animals accidentally coming across them. As always, safety should be a top priority when it comes to your spa. 

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