What is one of the best parts of a vacation? Lounging in a resort hot tub, of course!

As much as we are all longing to vacation in warmer climates, staying home for spring break is a must this year. Not to worry – with the right plan and inground hot tub installation, you can enjoy all the perks of a tropical destination from the comfort of your own backyard! 


Set the tone for your hot tub staycation

Create the perfect backyard hot tub staycation space by sprucing up the area around your backyard inground hot tub and consider adding a few extra amenities for your staycation, like:

  1. Cooler – to keep your favourite beverages close at hand. Remember to enjoy alcoholic beverages away from the hot tub and pool to ensure everyone stays safe.
  2. Exterior lighting – since the sun still sets fairly early in the spring, adding some beautiful built in lights, or a strand or two of cafe lights will help transform your space.
  3. Propane heater – it might feel a bit chilly getting out of your warm hot tub in March, so a few well-placed propane heaters are a must! 
  4. Outdoor sound system – the right music will help set the mood for your staycation!
  5. Brand new bathing suits – just like you would shop for a destination vacation, try adding a few new pieces to your staycation wardrobe, like a new bathing suit, wrap, robe or sandals!


Planning your hot tub staycation

Set your ‘out of office’, turn off your cell phone (or at least put it on vibrate), and turn up your favourite music! Just like if you were going on an actual holiday, schedule the time to spend in your backyard oasis. Set an itinerary, plan activities, and get the whole family involved. Here are a few more ways to make the most of your staycation:


Create a theme

To get in the vacation mindset, a theme is a must! You could pick a specific place that you want to visit, or just a feeling and mood you’d like to achieve on your staycation. Here are a few theme ideas to get you started:

Tropical paradise  – hang up the hammock with some extra blankets to stay extra warm. Create the perfect island mocktail complete with the tiny drink umbrellas. Schedule a fun family competition with some hot tub games.

Lavish resort spa – diffuse essential oils, play calming spa music and put on your fluffiest robe. Add cucumber slices to your water!

International excursion – pick a country and enjoy their music and food and traditional games. Try a different country each day! 

Romantic getaway – rose petals, couples massages and some bubbly (enjoyed after your soak in the hot tub, of course). Try streaming the “In Love With Crooners” playlist on Spotify!


Relax and get in the vacation mindset

Consider hiring a housekeeper for a week, just like you’d have at a resort vacation. Think about ordering in your favourite meals so you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen. Are there any other services that need to be taken care of while you are on ‘holiday’? Consider hiring help during your staycation so you can truly relax.

With just a little effort and planning, your backyard inground hot tub can be the center stage for the ultimate spring break staycation!

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