You have decided a custom build pool is exactly what you need. So how do you hire the right Vancouver swimming pool contractor? Here are some tips that will help you find the right fit for your pool building needs! 


Know what you want in a pool contractor

Before setting out to find your Vancouver swimming pool contractor, it is important to know exactly what type of pool you would like to have built. Will you want an indoor or outdoor pool? Approximately how big? Would you like an inground hot tub, too? What features would you like your pool to have? The size and type of pool and any additional features can narrow down the number of contractors that would be right for your build. Setting your expectations ahead of time will help you choose the best pool contractor for the job.

A good pool contractor can also help you decide on what type of pool is right for you, so be sure to ask the contractors you meet with for their expert opinions.


Know how much you want to spend

Setting an approximate budget is important before setting out on your pool contractor hunt. A good pool contractor will be able to work within your budget to build you the pool you want. But be wary of ‘too good to be true’ price scams! With COVID-19 keeping many families at home, custom built pools have become very popular. Scammers are eager to take advantage of the increased demand. 

How do you know if your pool contractor is reputable?


Search for reviews & ask for references

When looking for a reputable pool builder, you should ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations, do a Google search, and find someone who has been in business for a long time – you do not want someone to learn their job on your pool build. Find a contractor with many years of experience.

Once you begin speaking with pool builders in Vancouver, it is really important to ask for references. Any reputable pool contractor will have a portfolio of pools they have built and happy customers ready to sing their praises. Ask their references important questions such as: 

  1. Were you satisfied with your pool build? 
  2. Did anything go wrong? 
  3. What did you enjoy about working with the pool builder? 
  4. Would you change anything, or do anything different next time? 
  5. Did they stay on budget? 
  6. Was the pool built on time? 
  7. Did the end product turn out the way you expected?

Keep in mind that references given to you by a pool contractor will likely only have positive things to say about their experience, so it is best to do a Google search to see what type of other reviews exist for the pool contractor.


Talk to several pool builders

You should talk to at least three different pool contractors before moving ahead with your custom pool build. This is to ensure you are able to compare pricing and timelines and so you can get a feeling of the builders. Gathering estimates from several local contractors will help you gain a better understanding of your budget as well as the capabilities of each of the companies. It pays to shop around for the best companies and compare prices as well as compare the quality of their craftsmanship.


Get it in writing

Once you choose a pool contractor, ask them to include everything you have agreed upon into a contract. Never proceed with any major construction on your property without a proper contract in place. A good contract will protect both you and your contractor. Here are a few items to consider including in your contract:

  • The cost for the entire project 
  • What excavating work is included in the job, what else might come up, and how your price will be adjusted if the contractor discovers issues once they start to dig.
  • How the contractor will prepare the pool site without damaging existing property. Will they remove landscaping? How will they access your pool site? If they take down fencing or move flower beds, will they also put them back?
  • Timeframe for your build
  • Warranty coverage for your pool and parts
  • Insurance and permits
  • Payment schedule

A custom built pool is an investment in the value of your home. You want the best when it comes to a construction project of this size. Before you reach out to get quotes from Vancouver swimming pool contractors, read this list of 7 things you need to consider before contacting a pool company in Vancouver.