The weather is heating up, which means it is the perfect time for a dip in the pool! But what happens if your pool is too hot? 

No matter how well insulated your pool is, the temperature can still fluctuate. This can especially happen during the summer when outdoor temperatures remain high and impact the temperature of your pool water. 

Although heating your pool in the winter may be easy, cooling it down in the summer can be slightly more complicated. If you notice that your pool is getting just a little too warm, do not worry – there are several ways you can cool down your pool! Take a look at our suggestions below. 


Add ice to your pool

Of course, this is the fastest way to cool down your pool! So if you have a whole lot of ice around, get a large bucket and scoop some into your pool. 

Note that although this is the quickest way to cool down your pool, it is also very temporary – note that this method requires quite a large amount of ice, depending on the size of your pool, and how much you need to cool it down. 

For a longer-lasting and more consistent solution, try one of the following:


Adjust your pool landscaping 

When you have air flowing across your pool, it is easier to cool it down. Landscaping features such as plants, furniture and fences can actually stop the normal airflow from reaching the surface of your pool, protecting the water from a heating effect. 

When you adjust your landscaping to accommodate your pool, you will notice that the airflow will pass over the water and cool down the temperature. 

Shade your pool 

Shading your pool is a simple way to prevent it from getting too hot. There are several ways you can do this, including planting trees and installing shade structures near the pool deck. 

For some inspiration, take a look at our favourite ways to shade an inground pool here

Install a reverse-cycle heat pump or an evaporative cooler 

Active cooling systems are one of the most popular ways to cool down residential swimming pools. There are two types: a reverse-cycle heat pump, and an evaporative cooler 

The most common of the two is a reverse-cycle heat pump. This system can both heat and cool your pool, which is ideal for homeowners in BC with hot temperatures in the summer and cooler temperatures in the spring, fall and winter. 

If you are on a tighter budget, evaporative coolers might be the right option for you. They are ideal if all you are looking for is the ability to cool down your pool. When installed properly, this system can usually reduce the temperature of a pool by 5 degrees.

To install either of these systems in your pool, contact a professional Vancouver swimming pool contractor. 


Install a water fountain or waterfall

Adding a water fountain or waterfall to your pool will not only make your pool look nicer, but it will help keep your pool cooler as well. Moving water causes evaporation, which in turn helps to cool down the water. 

A waterfall or water fountain in your pool is not only a great accessory, but will also help keep your pool cool. Since moving water increases the rate of evaporation, it will help lower the temperature of water. 

Running these at night will ensure more water moves through the cooler air, helping bring the overall heat of your pool down. There are plenty of options to choose from that can suit your style!

Solar heater

Running water in your pool through a solar panel during the night when the temperature is cooler can help decrease the heat in your pool. Solar panels are effective at expelling the heat, cooling the water, and cycling the cooler water back into your pool. 


Utilize your pool cover 

While covering your pool will not necessarily lower your pool’s temperature, it will help prevent the water from getting warmer.

Once you have properly cooled down your pool using one of the methods above, keep it covered whenever you are not using it. By doing so, you will maintain the cool temperature during hot summer days – with the added benefits of keeping debris out and keeping people and wildlife safe. 

Now you are ready to keep your pool cool for the summer! Thinking of throwing a family pool party? Check out our best family pool party tips!