Hot tubs are a great way to relax during the winter – and can be fun for the whole family. At the same time, however, hot tubs carry risks, just like any pool. You do not want to risk your child being hurt or drowning. Therefore, before using a spa with your family, it is vital to consider hot tub safety for children.

Hot tub safety tips for children


1. Never let your children use a hot tub unsupervised

Just like a pool, you do not want to leave your children unattended when using a hot tub. The individual supervising should be an adult. Even if this adult is staying on land, they should not be drinking or using any medication that could impair their judgment or reaction time.

2. Use a hot tub cover

When you are not using your hot tub, make sure it is sealed with a cover. This cover should be child-proof. After each spa session, put the cover back on and double check that it is sealed.

3. Consider installing a child safety fence

If you have an inground hot tub connected to your swimming pool, it is worth looking at a child safety fence. A fence not only makes your pool and hot tub safer, but it can also provide you with peace of mind.

4. Be aware of overheating

Children are at a higher risk of overheating than adults. Therefore, temperature is key to hot tub safety for children. If you have children using your hot tub, make sure the temperature never rises above 104°F. We also recommend limiting children’s time in the hot tub to X minutes and removing them immediately if they begin to look faint.  

5. Impose an age limit

While the steps above can help with overheating, even they cannot do enough for children under seven. Therefore, to be safe, children under age seven, especially infants, should not be in the hot tub.

6. Check drain covers

Drain covers should always be in place. Before allowing children in a hot tub, make sure that the drain covers are in working order. They should not be cracked or damaged. If they are cracked or damaged, make sure to replace them.

7. Keep children hydrated

It is easier for children to get dehydrated. When they are using a hot tub, make sure there is always fresh water available to them. Just watch that you do not serve this water in glassware or anything else breakable.

8. Ensure chemicals are balanced

Children are also more sensitive to chemicals on their skin. Therefore, you want to make sure your chemicals are properly balanced before having children in your hot tub.

Now that you are up on your hot tub safety for children, we recommend taking a moment to review pool safety for children. With these tips, you will be able to have fun while staying safe!