Soaking in your hot tub is warm, relaxing, and wonderful. The hot water soothes the body and revives your spirits. Although it may be tempting to enjoy a beverage while you soak, following these hot tub safety tips will allow you to enjoy your tub without the risk. 

Drinking in a hot tub can be risky

Everyone must ditch the idea of drinking alcohol in a hot tub since there are plenty of risks involved in its combination.
Here is why:

Extreme Dehydration

Hot tubs and alcohol are dehydrating.It is unlikely to feel perspiration when immersed in hot water, but that does not mean you are not sweating. When you lose sweat from your body, you become dehydrated. Further dehydration happens when consuming alcohol resulting in headaches, dizziness, nausea, hasty heartbeat, thirst, weakness and even coma or death. The effects of dehydration are dangerous and should not be taken lightly when it comes to having great hot tub safety standards.


The heat of a hot tub lowers your blood pressure. Combining low blood pressure with the effects of a beverage and the likelihood of falling or tripping is much higher, increasing risks of injury.

Heat exhaustion

Heat from the hot tub and alcohol inflate your blood vessels and upturn your body temperature, leading to heat exhaustion, which can cause unconsciousness and sometimes even a stroke or heart attack in serious cases. 


If your blood pressure is low and you are feeling dizzy, nauseous or weak, there is a much higher chance of you passing out, leading to injuries. 

Broken Glass or Spills

The last and most likely reason for which we recommend never drinking in a hot tub is broken glass. If a glass or glass bottle is broken inside the hot tub, it can cause damage to the people using it as well as the hot tub itself. The glass pieces will become invisible inside the water, and it will be difficult to get them out of the mechanical system. That will be the end of the party and fun. 


Sensible ways to enjoy your hot tub

The most sensible way to enjoy your hot tub is to avoid alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that your experience can’t be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Here are some sensible ways to fully enjoy your tub and keep your friends and family safe. 

More information on hot tub safety is available on the BC Health Link website.

Don’t hot tub alone

Hot tubbing should be a shared experience and a great environment for chats and catch-ups with friends and family. 

Keep hydrated

Hot tubs are dehydrating. The heat from the water causes you to sweat. Stay hydrated by keeping a tall glass of cool water close by, so you can sip frequently. 

Drink a non-alcoholic beverage 

Keep things fun by serving up some non-alcoholic daiquiris or your favourite pina colada mix without the rum. Drinks can still be savoured and enjoyed in your tub – just remember to use plastic cups and avoid the disasters of broken glass!  

Disembark the hot tub once in a while

This is a must! After every 15 to 20 minutes, allow your body to rest from the extreme heat by stepping out of the hot tub until you are comfortable to re-enter. This will be a clever move for avoiding heat exhaustion.

Enjoy alcohol post-soak! 

No one says that your entire night needs to be alcohol-free! There are plenty of opportunities within the span of your night to enjoy your favourite drink. A beverage can always be enjoyed in regulated temperatures, without breaking any hot tub safety rules! 

The team at Trasolini Pools hope you keep in mind that it’s better to enjoy your hot tub responsibly. Need some outdoor party ideas? Check out or spa party tips and throw one in your own backyard this winter.