While it may not be pool party season anymore, that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating outdoors!

If you own a hot tub, why not throw a hot tub party?

Hot tubs are a fantastic way to socialize with your friends and family. So invite your friends and use these amazing party ideas to throw an unforgettable party, while staying safe.

Keep in mind your hot tub’s capacity

All hot tubs have a specified capacity, so double check yours before sending out those invitations. You can always have other activities planned if you want to invite more people over than your tub has room for – just be sure to keep an eye on how many people are in the tub at any given time.

Have outside activities planned

In can be unsafe to spend more than 15 to 30 minutes at a time soaking in a hot tub, so you will definitely want to organize additional party activities to get guests out of the water.

Our suggestions include:

  • Have cards and board games available
  • Have a snowman-making competition (if you have snow in your yard)
  • Put on a movie
  • Organize a few spa activities

You could even pick up waterproof card games, floating board games or play charades while still in the tub!

Clean your hot tub before the party

Check the bromine levels, make sure that the water is clean and clear the tub of any debris. For more information on how to properly clean and maintenance your hot tub click here.

Don’t forget music!

What’s a party without tunes?

Create a playlist, encourage your guests to bring music, or use a music app like Spotify on your phone or laptop to enjoy some music while hanging out in the tub.

Theme your decorations

Give your party a theme to really set the mood!

  • Have a beach-themed hot tub night to chase away the winter blues.
  • You could create a movie-themed evening, Grease or Splash perhaps?
  • With Halloween right around the corner, why not host a Halloween hot tub night?
  • For the little ones with winter birthdays, you could invite their friends over for a pirate/mermaid-themed kids hot tub party.
  • Get the ladies over and make it a spa night.

Host a movie night

If your hot tub is situated in a spot where you could set up a television or a projector within view, you could even host movie night right from the comfort of your hot tub! Consider setting a timer to encourage guests to take a break from the water every 15 to 30 minutes.

Provide beverages and snacks

Have plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages on hand for your guests.

Hot chocolate and hot tubs: could there be a more perfect winter combination?

Drinking alcohol and using a hot tub can be a recipe for over-intoxication, dehydration, spills and injury, so it is recommended to hold off until after soaking.

Avoid using glass cups at your party, as broken glass is the last thing you want in your hot tub! If you do purchase plastic cups, ensure that they can withstand heat.

Keep the snacks light. Avoid foods that increase bloating. Remember that everyone will want to feel comfortable in their bathing suits. Things like fruit or chips and dip are great options.

Also, make sure to keep the food away from the hot tub!

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Before hosting your party, brush up on our hot tub safety tips to keep your friends and family healthy and injury-free.

If you would like to have your own hot tub installed before winter really sets in, contact an established Vancouver hot tub company, like Trasolini Pools, today.

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