While owing a hot tub can require less commitment and maintenance than a pool, it needs regular maintenance. Keeping your hot tub in good condition throughout the year can save you from a costly repair and from getting your friends and family sick.

If you want to keep your Trasolini hot tub in excellent condition, we recommend that you use these tips to create a schedule that works for you.

Daily hot tub maintenance

  • Check the water temperature. Hot tubs must maintain a minimum temperature. If your tub’s temperature does not fall within the recommended guidelines, it may be a sign of a large problem.
  • Check for debris. Keeping debris out of your hot tub is simple, and it prevents staining and damage.
  • Check the hot tub cover. If your hot tub has a cover, make sure that it fully covers your tub when not in use. Exposed water can throw off the tub’s chemical balance and causes your mechanical system to work in overdrive to maintain the water temperature.

Weekly hot tub maintenance

  • Check sanitizer levels.
  • Check pH balance and alkalinity. Keeping the water balanced means that the hot tub is safe to use for your family and friends. To learn about proper pool chemical safety, click here.
  • Clean above the water line.
  • Clean the hot tub filters. This is use-dependent, so begin by checking it every week. Never go more than three weeks without cleaning the filters.
  • Air out your hot tub cover. At least twice a week, remove your hot tub cover to give it a break from all of that heat and moisture. Place it in a dry, sunny location in order to dry out.
  • Check for damage. Look for holes and cracks. It is better to catch these things early before they become a serious issue.

Monthly hot tub maintenance

  • Clean and condition the hot tub cover. If your hot tub has a cover, this will ensure that it stays in good condition and doesn’t allow unwanted dirt and bacteria into your hot tub.
  • Drain and refill the tub. This is again dependent on use, but the rule of thumb is to do this every two to three months. Use this opportunity to really deep clean the surface of your hot tub. If your in-ground hot tub is connected to your pool, you don’t have to drain it, unless you are planning on draining your whole pool.

Yearly hot tub maintenance

  • Replace your hot tub filter – Every 1-2 years you should replace your filter, depending on usage.

Hot tubs can vary, but these are fairly universal cleaning tips. Remember to always consult your pool builder, like Trasolini Pools, or your owner’s manual for more specific care instructions.