The health benefits of soaking in your own private hot tub in Vancouver are endless. Paired with a home spa atmosphere, your hot tub can take your quality of life to new levels. Here are just some of the health advantages you can gain from a hot tub soak as short as 15 minutes.

Hot tubs reduce stress and wash away your anxiety

Get ready to soak up health benefits when relaxing in a hot tub! Self-care is often put on the back burner when life gets busy. However, a 15 minute soak can work wonders by reducing physical and mental stress. Warm water helps minimize your anxiety and once your body adjusts to the heat, you’ll sleep through the night with fewer disruptions.

Relieve pain and decrease muscle tension in your new hot tub

It’s known that a quick dip in a hot tub relaxes aching joints, but do you know why? Warm pulsating water can increase blood flow to inflamed joints – and can save you a trip to the spa.

The pressure impact from the bubbles coming out of the jets works out the tension in your muscles. Investing in a hot tub can be life-changing for those suffering from:

  • arthritis pain
  • carpal tunnel
  • tendonitis
  • and more

Hot tubs help headaches

There is some evidence that suggests a regular hot tub dip can prevent certain types of headaches. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic headaches like migraines, you may know that treatment options are hard to come by. When your muscles are less contracted, your aches subside. This can minimize your tension-triggered migraine and benefit your overall health.

If you’re thinking of investing in a hot tub to enhance your at home ambience and your health, look no further. Connect with us and we can make this plan a reality. Trasolini Pools designs and installs custom indoor and outdoor hot tubs.